Estriadol use

AM 64 years old. Took Questionnaire results were 26. Recently had rectocele surgery and got put on estriadol cream for a few months prior to surgery and now am using it twice weekly. Am not taking any Progesterone.Have not had a hysterectomy and wondered about continuing to use it. What about the increased risk of cancer of the cerix and uterus. Just ordered the cream and have not received it yet. I would like to remain anonymous. Thanks

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Jan 07, 2012
Estriadol use
by: Wray

Hi there I'm not in favour of using oestradiol, particularly if you haven't had a hysterectomy. Oestradiol and oestrone too, have stimulatory, proliferative effects on hormonally sensitive tissue. So the risk for cancer does increase. Progesterone is needed to counter these effects, I'm surprised you weren't given it too. But then again I'm not surprised, as it's rarely taken into account. Doctors are more familiar with the synthetic progestins, but these have a unfavourable effect when used in combo with oestradiol. You might like to read our page on HRT to get a better idea of what oestrogen does. And there's more info on how to use progesterone on our Menopause page. But please read our page on Oestrogen Dominance before starting the progesterone. The effects of this are worse if excess oestrogen is present, and it could occur with you, as you've been using oestradiol. I normally recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone, but if you should experience oestrogen dominance, please don't decrease the amount of progesterone. Paradoxically this does work, as it's no longer stimulating oestrogen, but the idea is to suppress the oestrogen and make progesterone the dominant hormone. This can only be done by increasing the amount. I have found about 400mg/day is needed to prevent the adverse symptoms, or certainly make them far milder. Please play around with the amount, until you find the optimum. Take care Wray

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