Error! I messed up my dose

by Julie

I accidentally took diouble my dose last night! And this morning! Does that mean I have tart all over on decreasing slowly or can I go back to my orignal dose of half that. Hoping I don't have start all over!! Please help

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Oct 21, 2016
Error! I messed up my dose
by: Joy

Hi Julie

A bit difficult to answer really when you do not state how much cream you used and how long you have been using. If anything, you did yourself a favour by doubling up on your Naptro Progesterone Cream which is a 3.33% cream. Stick with your original dose which should be between 100-200mg of Natpro. Any other cream, then you would need to convert to get to the correct amount as Natpro.

Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page.

Oct 21, 2016
Error! I messed up my dose
by: Carol

Hi - don't panic. I am sure you will be fine. By the time you read this, any adverse affects would have come and gone, if there were any. Just go back to where you were and work from there. Good luck :).

Oct 22, 2016
by: Julie

I have been using 300 per day to overcome symptoms for past 3 months and I was in the process of decreasing. I was down to about 250 per day.

I skipped my evening dose after I made the error to not double again. So it was only one day. I did have a few pimples and extra hair loss during that day after but I believe all is fine now that I am back to my does of 250mg instead of the accidental day of 500.

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