Endometriosis and trying to conceive

by Kirsty Smith

Hi Wray my name is Kirsty,
I have just started applying progesterone cream this cycle.
I have endo in the bowel and the pouch of douglas, possibly elsewhere also. I had a laparodomy last June to remove a nodule from the pouch of Douglas but since that time I have had increasing pain going into my bowel. The doctor now believes the endo broke through the pouch of Douglas and into my bowel. Very painful.

I want nothing more than to have a baby and my partner and I have been trying for about 9 cycles with no luck. I take my bbt every morning and it usually falls Usually around 12-14 dpo. I'm on 13 dpo today and no sign of it falling. Will the progesterone cream maintain a high temperature until it is stopped or can my period break through if I'm not pregnant. I have 4% progesterone cream and apply 1/2 a 1 GM spoon morning and night, 20mg morning and 20mg evening of progesterone.

Not sure how to proceed as if I am pregnant I was told not to stop the cream as it may cause a miscarriage. When should I stop?

Many thanks

Kirsty Smith

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Apr 19, 2013
Endometriosis and trying to conceive
by: Wray

Hi Kirsty Endometriosis is caused by oxidative stress and large amounts of antioxidants are needed to overcome it. I've also found 500mg/day progesterone is needed if pain is present. If your temp falls around days 12-14 after ovulation, this is when it should fall and you should bleed shortly after, is this the case? A normal luteal phase lasts 12-14 days in all women, irrespective of their cycle length. If you are not pregnant you will definitely bleed, the temp has nothing to do with this. Falling progesterone levels cause the bleeding, the temp dropping is just an indication progesterone levels are dropping. Thanks for giving me details of the progesterone cream you're using, I often have to guess! I don't believe it's anywhere near enough, not if you are having problems. At this point it's not certain whether you are conceiving each month and miscarrying 2 weeks later. Or you are not conceiving. If the lining of the uterus is at all inflamed or damaged the embryo will not attach or if it does it won't remain for long. If you are pregnant you should not stop the cream, it you're not, bleeding will occur, 40mg/day will not stop it. To stop bleeding amounts greater than 400mg/day are needed. Please consider taking antioxidants to try to reverse the endo, large amounts are needed. Particularly NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and vitamin D. You live in Australia so your level is probably low. Vitamin D is vital for a successful pregnancy, the growth of the foetus and for breast feeding. Please have a test done. We do have a page on Pregnancy you could look through, and another here. Details are given on both pages on how to proceed, there's also more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Oct 16, 2013
going well
by: kirsty

Hi Wray, Its been a while since Ive checked in. I thought I would give you an update on how i am going. I use Natpro after ovulation approx 3gm morning and night, so 6gm total for approx 12-14 days. I have been taking NAC three times a day for the first few months and now twice a day, I also have been taking Vit d 6000iu a day (when i remember :) ) I also take magnesium, vit C and Chinese herbs called Motherhood -FT1 by China Med. I have had great results and have experienced a reduction in pain and length of my period. I can say that there has been NO PAIN for the past 3 cycles and I'm approaching my 4th cycle now. I just wanted to express my gratitude for giving me such wonderful advice. I'm so thankful i'm not in pain anymore. I'm continuing to use everything you have suggested. Here's hoping my TTC journey will be successful soon.

Many thanks

Oct 17, 2013
going well
by: Wray

Hi Kirst Well this news has made me so happy! I'm surprised that amount of progesterone helped you, but glad it did of course. Delighted you're still taking all those nutrients, but please, please don't forget the vitamin D!! It's so vital for the reproductive system. Not only that but for conception, to prevent miscarriage, for foetal brain development. A lack can lead to behavioural disorders after birth, also a risk for type 1 diabetes and epilepsy. Please don't forget it, and please have a test done, get your level up high before you fall pregnant. Don't forget to take taurine too, that's also vital for foetal development, and after birth. It's an essential amino acid for newborns, they don't have the ability to convert it from cysteine, so have to get it from the mother. A lack can also lead to diabetes and epilepsy. Take a look through the pregnancy page again. Please keep in touch about your journey. Thanks for the kind words! Take care Wray

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