Endometriosis and hysterectomy with complications

by Wendy
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Dear Wray, I desperately need some advice. I have just turned 40 and have suffered with endometriosis since I was 14. I had 3 miscarriages in early 20's, but was fortunate to carry 2 further pregnancies, my first son born prematurely at 34 weeks and my second on his due date.

I have had 7 laparascopic interventions to remove endometrial cysts and adhesions and I have been on and off a variety of contraceptive pills and have had 2 Progesterone IUD's. The IUD helped hugely for the first 4 years and then I had it replaced... the second was always problematic and I began to suffer continuous discharge and spotting. I was advised to have a hysterectomy as I was suffering terrible cramps, bleeding and PMT symptoms. I had a LapAssistedVaginalHysterectomy last June. I awoke in the recovery room with the most dreadful and uncontrollable pain the source of which was diagnosed 3 weeks later following a second surgery - I had a systemic infection, a twisted fallopian tube stuck in the vault, an enlarged cystic left ovary and a dissected pelvic nerve.

I was in hospital for a month and was put onto Methadone to control the pain. It didn't work and was an evil drug to withdraw from. I have mostly recovered from that but now I am suffering terribly with endo worse than before, weight gain, bloating, mood swings, swollen, tender, lumpy breasts and I just wish I could get out of my own way. I tried some progesterone oil after researching the internet and coming to the conclusion that I was progesterone deficient especially after they had removed my implant - but I received it without any information on dosage and I couldn't find it on the internet either.

That is how I came across your website and I ordered NatPro and began to use it. Initially I couldn't tell where I was in my cycle but I have it worked out now. I still have my ovaries so I've gone with the recomendation of using the cream in the second half of my cycle, but I can't work out how much to use. I seem unable to shift the water retention or the weight that I have stacked on since the surgery. I have had my thyroid checked and it is normal. I have the most massive and tender breasts ( I am now a DD cup and used to be a B!). From day 14 onwards I'm just shitty all the time - I feel sorry for my family who endure my unprovoked rages and tears. My memory is shocking and I have become so clumsy, my skin on my face seems more lined and it is thinner than it was prior to the hysterectomy. I did your progesterone deficiency test and scored in the 50's. I have researched eat right for my blood type and adopted it as much as possible - it is sometimes difficult as I travel regularly in my job and am under alot of stress. I know you recommend to increase the dose under stress but from what to what? Please can you help me get the dose right? I am using approximately 1 teaspoon a day from day 14-28 and about 1/2 a fingernail amount from day 1-14 as I am terrified to stop altogether. I desperately want my life and my body back - I don't even recognise myself anymore.

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Feb 23, 2010
Endometriosis and hysterectomy with complications
by: Wray

Hi Wendy. What a time you've been through! The symptoms you're suffering from are due to the hysterectomy. Although they left your ovaries in, the op can seriously disrupt our hormones. You should have been warned. Unfortunately the IUD you had was not progesterone, but a progestin. All contraceptives can have adverse side affects,
please see this web page. The progestin would have helped as it stops ovarian function, which reduces oestrogen levels. Endo is an oestrogen dependant problem. But progestins also stop ovulation, which means your ovaries were not making any progesterone, not a good thing.

As you've had a hyst and therefore no longer have a cycle, you can use progesterone daily. For the first ±3 months I suggest you use up to 2tsp/day, every day, divide the dose am and pm. Symptoms might resolve sooner in which case you can reduce the dose, but do it slowly over several days, monitoring symptoms as you go. You can divide the dose more than twice a day too, I had one woman use it hourly for severe symptoms. Rub the cream where you're sore, on your breasts too, it's excellent for the face as well,
see here.

I'm helping one woman with endo and she's using this high dose, she's finding the pain has gone. You might like to
see this web page. Take care, Wray

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