Endo and progesterone

by Lina
(Newnan, GA)

I recently had endometriosis, fibroids and adenomyosis cysts removed via laparascopy. I had a severe case of each of the above. It was a long surgery-6 hours. The doctor said he was able to remove all the endometriosis.

It has been 2 weeks since my surgery. I am experiencing the following symptoms: I go from hot to cold, my ovaries are tender to the touch, severe depression, abdomen feels really tender to the touch. I would like to know if the use of transdermal progesterone cream will help get rid of these symptoms. I am afraid that if I use the progesterone cream, my endometriosis will come back. What should I do?

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Oct 01, 2010
Endo and progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Lina Endo, fibroids and adeno are all caused by excess oestrogen and a lack of progesterone. So none of them will come back if you use progesterone. For more info please see our web pages on Endometriosis and Fibroids. Women with acute pain need very high amounts. The following is a suggested protocol which works........
500mg/day for 4-5 days reducing to
330mg/day for 6-8 days reducing to
250mg/day for 8-10 days
The pain should be dramatically reduced or gone after 18 to 23 days. Continue using the 250mg/day for 2-3 months or until confident the pain won't return. Then reduce slowly, ie down to 200mg/day for a week or two, then 150mg/day for another week or two. The 150mg/day will probably be the amount needed to prevent the inflammation returning. If the symptoms have responded to the progesterone, a cycle can be restarted by using the cream on a cyclic basis. Ie stop using the cream, bleeding should occur shortly after this, resume again on day 15 and use it for the next 14 days. Although this gives a 28 day cycle, it?s something to go on while the body adjusts to the natural cycle length. Once ovulation has begun again, start using the cream from this point on for the next 14 days. Take care Wray

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