by Florentina Roman

I am 38 y.o., I did an embolization on 9 February, on 9 march I had the period. After this, I didn t have any bleeding until 27 April.

On 27 April it starts a kind of bleeding for 2 weeks, little everyday. From then I don t have any bleeding. I hear the Progesterone is good for that. I bought it from you last days. I am waiting for them now. Can anybody answer me if the Progesterone can help in this case? Thank you very much.

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Jun 11, 2010
by: W

Hi Florentina It's difficult to know how to answer you, I take it the embolization was in your uterus? And that you want to get your cycle going again? You can regulate your periods with progesterone. You should have had a period on ±27th May, and you should have one again on the 29th June. To follow that cycle please start using the cream on the 15th June for the next 14 days, then stop. This will bring you to the 29th June. The dropping progesterone level should cause you to bleed, but it might only be very light or possibly none. It will take time to settle down. Whether you have one, or only spotting or none at all, please count 29th June as the first day of the next cycle, and only use the cream again on the 13th July for the next 14 days, then stop. Continue in this fashion until the cycle starts of it's own accord. Your own cycle might be longer or shorter than 28 days, but only time will tell. I suggest you start on 200mg/day for the first 2 to 3 cycles, once you are stable you can reduce the amount till you find the optimum. For more info on how to use it please see here.
As oestrogen dominance can occur and as it's most disconcerting if it does, I would ask you to read this page too. Take care Wray

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