Dosage for PPD

by Jen
(California )

I've had 4 kids, and my 4th was born 4 months ago. I had Postpartum panic disorder and OCD (depression, the whole hot mess!) with my 1st 9 years ago, and did progesterone with my middle babies. I've been under an extreme amt. of stress this postpartum period, and it's been hard keeping pace with taking care of 4 kids etc. I have some cream, and compounded oral capsules, but don't know how much to take. I woke up today and felt like I'd suddenly hit a big teary wall. I already have my period back (have had 2 cycles already). I'm taking a 60mg pill at night days 14-28 for PMS (have for years). Anyway,

-how much should I take for the weepy, anxious stuff?

- Also, will it decrease my milk supply?

Thank you so much.


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