Don't understand this forum...?

by Miranda Visser
(Leeds, UK)

I wrote my story here a few days ago, no I doing something wrong? I need some help here and don't know where else to turn so if someone could tell me how to use the site and get an (personal) answer to my questions that would be great!
Thank you :)

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Jul 10, 2017
Don't understand this forum...?
by: Joy

Hi Mirnada

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the Forum. I have check the contributions on our Forum and can find no post from you. Did you perhaps save the link? If so, please post it here. Of course you would need to check the box requesting to be notified when anyone else makes a comment on the thread. The way you have posted your comment here is correct, so I can't understand why your initial post was not received. Did you use your name or did you use Anonymous, many do and it does get confusing at times.

If you get this, either send me the link or re-post your question here again as I would love to help you the best way that I can.

Take care.

Jul 10, 2017
by: Anonymous

How do you return product? I have emailed several times and not received a response and I'm wondering how to do it since there is an unconditional moneyback guarantee. I have four unopened dispensers. I have been diagnosed with higHashimoto's and I am doing well with the treatment and do not need progesterone. Please help.

Jul 11, 2017
Still wondering...
by: Miranda

Hi Joy

Thanks again, I am definitely getting your comments but I really hope you got my last post because in that one I explain again my symptoms and my questions about natural progesterone cream. It is quite a long one but if you did not get that one I've got it saved, just in case ;)
Also, I'd like to add to the symptoms migraines and very foggy thinking. Strangely enough, my migraines have not increased since I started using the cream but the fatigue and fogginess definitely have...
Please let me know if you got my long post, if not I will try to post it again.
Thank you!

Jul 11, 2017
by: Joy

Hi are you Cheryl? If so I have already replied to you on a previous contribution.

If you are not Cheryl, kindly fill in the CONTACT US form and we can take this up further.

Many thanks.

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