Does progesterone delay your period?

by kyriaki
(athens greece)

Hello....I'm 34 years old and in good overall health. My problem is that I am an ex-pat living in Greece, and I have had a hard time finding an OBGYN that I feel I can trust (I am on my 3rd in 3 years). My doctor has told me to take 200mg 2Xs daily from day 20 until my period begins. I have very regular cycles (to the hour) and have seen a lot of info that progesterone can delay periods (I'm taking Utrogestan).
My hormone levels were fine when I had them tested last month (and have no previous problems) but I had a few periods (Oct-Nov) that were 'off'. They were lighter and I had no cramps and I had a little brown discharge a few days before my period started. So I went to my OBGYN in Dec and I had trans vaginal scan and blood tests and everything was fine, but my uterus was thick on day 24 of cycle (18.5mm) - my blood tests came back normal for all hormone levels. I went back day 12 of my new cycle (this month) to be sure my uterus was fine and it was 7mm and ovualtion was looking fine too. He thinks it is just because I traveled and was stressed out and sick while traveling a few months prior, but that my hormones are fine now. My dr left it up to me to take the Utrogestan if I wanted... and since my husband and I just started trying for a baby, I wanted to give myself every advantage to get pregnant so started taking them.
I guess my concern is that I am on day 35 of a 29 day cycle - so 5 days past due for my period (and to add I did an ovualtion predictor kit, day 14 and 15 was positive). I took a hpt on day 30, the day my period was due and it was negative. My Dr insists that the progesterone isn't delaying my period. He says it is such a small amount that my periods should still come. I have an elevated temp (normal 36C and am now between 36.7-37.1C), I never get fevers, and I threw up on day 30 (my reason for taking the test). Dr tells me none of this is from the progesterone. I am waiting another 3-4 days before I go to a clinic to get blood work because he told me to wait until my period was 10 days past due before I take a pregnancy test to be more sure of the results. I'm really frustrated because I want so badly to be pregnant, but I think the Utrogestan in postponing my period, and at the same time I am getting my hopes up that my dr is basically, I think I'm going crazy.
I do get cramps after taking the suppositories for around 1 hr, besides that, I get mild tummy trouble issues...a little gas, etc but that's the only side effect I've had so far. Is delaying your period a possibility too? Please any help you can give me on this topic would be so appreciated because I really feel like I am at a loss as far as what to do...Thanks for your time and any advice you have!

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Feb 10, 2013
Does progesterone delay your period?
by: Wray

Hi Kyriaki I wouldn't agree 400mg/day progesterone as a suppository is a small amount, it's the same amount we make in the third trimester of pregnancy. I often recommend 400mg/day if women have severe symptoms, as too little only exacerbates them. 400mg/day is the amount I also recommend to women to stop continual bleeding, although occasionally more is required. So yes the progesterone could be delaying your period, or you could be pregnant. I've found when first using it, bleeding can be either later or earlier than normal, it does settle in time.
Progesterone does raise temps, but it's impossible to tell if yours is higher due to the 400mg/day you're using, or pregnancy. Either way I don't think you need worry about it, your period will come if you're not pregnant, or it won't if you are. Don't stop the progesterone until you bleed or pregnancy is confirmed, stopping cold turkey can cause a miscarriage. We do have a page on Pregnancy you could look through and this one here too. It explains how to use it, when to and a few problems which can occur. Please have a vitamin D test done. After progesterone, it's the single most important nutrient for a successful pregnancy. It's also vital for the foetus and the new born child. There are some excellent videos on the pregnancy page about it, please take time to watch them. Another essential nutrient while pregnant and breast feeding is taurine, see here, here, here, here, here and here. It's an essential amino acid for newborns, as they cannot convert it from cysteine until much older. Please let me know if you are or are not pregnant. I so appreciate feedback. Take care Wray

Mar 28, 2013
by: Tryingtobeamom

Im taking progesteron too 200 twice a day

Apr 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a similar issue. have been using utrogestan 400mg/day, as advised by doc since i used to have light brown spotting before my period is due. i am on 25th day of 26 day cycle. could i be preg or is the period getting delayed? :(

Aug 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi there, what was the outcome of your delayed period after the progesterone? I did an IUI cycle and was prescribed progesterone which I was told to stop if I got a negative pregnancy teat on 14dpo. I'm now 11 days after stopping the pills due to a negative test but I still have no period.

Feb 13, 2015
by: Mrs Das

I am taking progesterone 400mg twice daily. waiting for my b hcg test after 2days.Tiis is my day 28th day.and 13thday of ET.

Jan 20, 2016
Clomid and utrogestan
by: Myka

Iam 34 yrs old and trying to conceive for 2yrs, i was diagnose for endometrial polyp and been trying to treat for 3rd time. Lately, I have been treated for clomid and utrogestan to help me conceive, and now pregnancy does not occure again. Does anybody help me if utrogestan is good for concieving or does it affect your hormonal balance? Or if pregnancy does not occur dis does mean that early menopausal occurs for me? Thank you and i need ur advice.

Jan 29, 2016
I want answers??!!
by: Annoyed!!

I have the same problem, but don't have insurance to go to a doctor. I feel like there is no point of writing about your issues, when no one is really providing an actual answer. If anyone has actually gone to a doctor and got an answer, please post; otherwise it's truly pointless of getting on these sites to hear about your problems with no solutions or answers??!!!

Jan 30, 2016
I want answers??!!
by: Joy

Hi Annoyed

What answers are you looking for exactly? No one gets paid to help each other on this site, it is done out of the goodness of our hearts and with a caring nature. You are most welcome to actually pay for the advice that you are looking for by visiting a decent doctor. If you took the time and searched Wray's website, this thread in particular, you will probably find the answers that you are looking for, have you tried searching for your solutions or answers??!!

Take care.

Apr 14, 2016
by: P Shah


One of the things you recommended was to NOT stop Progesterone medication before pregnancy is confirmed or period starts. However, my doc asked me to take progesterone for only 10 days ie from day 16 to day 26. Is that okay? I ask because you mentioned it could lead to a miscarriage.

I am 29 and have been trying to conceive for 9 months now. I don't think this month could be any exception for me and am certain the period will start soon. Nonetheless I am a day late which never happens.

Kindly advice.

Jan 14, 2017
Want to conform pregnancy
by: Mala

My period cycle evey month 28th day after i taking gestone 200mg tables now 32nd day no period come in this case possible to get pregnant?

Jan 16, 2017
by: Joy

Hi P Shah

Oh dear your post seems to have slipped by without anyone seeing it. So many posts are received daily, it can become hectic. Did you eventually fall pregnant? Just so that you know, once pregnancy has been confirmed one should continue using progesterone for at least 4 months, it could cause a miscarriage otherwise. However, stress can also causes miscarriages.

Please read these pages and the references:

Jan 16, 2017
Want to confirm pregnancy
by: Joy

Hi Mala

Any form or oral progesteorne is not the best delivery method as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver. Please consider using a progesterone cream with the correct concentration. What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is vital for the mother and the unborn child.

Please read these pages and the references:

Delivery Methods
How to use Progesterone Cream
Estrogen Dominance
Vitamin D3

Mar 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had taken clomid last Feb 13th, 2x a day for 5 days. First week of March I started taking heragest 2x a day so its already 44cd, no af but took pt and got neg.
I have some preggo symptoms but I don't know. Does progesterone delay my period?

Mar 28, 2018
by: Joy

Progesterone can disrupt the cycle when first using it. Progesterone therapy requires time and patience. As mentioned in the post above, any form of oral progesterone is not the best delivery method. Between 100-200mg progesterone cream is needed.

Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 level is at optimal range which is between 70-100ng/mL as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Nothing less than 5,000iu's is needed per day.

Please read these pages.

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Pregnancy -

Delivery Methods - Delivery Methods

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