Does progesterone cut out estrogen?

by Janet Richards
(United Kingdom)

I was on HRT for 9 years and then had to come off very quickly as I had nausea and giddiness. I had a Merani coil which gave me the synthetic hormone and kept that in due to taking phytoestrogens.

I discovered the progesterone creme, which has helped me get a good night's sleep. Can I ask for a bit more information? Coil has been removed, so do I need to use the creme continuously as I am now 58 no cycle with a break of 4 days every 23 to 28. Can I take some phytoestrogens? Can I take a tablespoon of flaxseed for a little estrogen as to have estrogen for 9 years and then not have any seems such a big difference. Does progesterone cut out estrogen or does it run alongiside to balance the hormones? Many thanks.

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Dec 10, 2009
HRT or not?
by: Pandora

Is it possible to take Progesterone on its own or must it be combined with Oestrogen in a 58 year old menopausal woman.
I find I am very Oestrogen sensitive and my breasts have grown 3 cup sizes since taking HRT over the last 3 years. I don't know what to do to get them to reduce to a comfortable size again.

I wish I could stop taking the medication altogether but the warm flushes and irritablility return within a week or so if I do.

Does anyone have any advice for me as I hate my big boobs!

Jan 04, 2010
Does progesterone cut out estrogen?
by: Wray

Hi Janet and Pandora. Progesterone can be used on it's own, and to my mind should be. Most of us have more than enough oestrogen, it's in our air, food and water now, due to all the pesticides and industrial chemicals we make. It can be used daily without a break, particularly if symptoms are severe. It's best to rub it on sore breasts, it does give relief. The hot flushes will eventually stop with the progesterone, it's best to reduce the dose of HRT slowly whilst using it. Flaxseed is excellent, flax oil too. Progesterone does suppress excess oestrogen, but can take 3-6 months to do so, ultimately resolving adverse symptoms. Take care, Wray

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