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Hi Wray,

The last time we talked, I forgot to mention something Dr. Schlanger said and I was wondering how you would answer such a statement. She said that higher doses of progesterone keep you in a pregnant state and the female body is not meant to be pregnant forever. I was curious at your response to this rather crazy statement.

Also, I wanted to ask you how I would interpret what my body is doing now. I seem to have 4 to 5 days of stability and then I will get some symptoms for the next 4 to 5 days and then it repeats again. Is this the beginning of progesterone dominance and am I to expect that the stability days will get longer and longer with less symptom days in between? Or is this just wishful thinking? When I was adjusting the dosage up and down, I did not have very many days of stability, but now I have been at 600 mg. for about a month.

Thanks very much for all your time.

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Sep 21, 2012
Doctors' opinions
by: Wray

Hi there Using progesterone daily and high amounts, does mimic Pregnancy. We can make over 400ng/ml per day during the third trimester. Dr Dalton seems to think there was nothing wrong by doing this, see here. I've been using about 170mg/day and more for 15 years now, pregnant or not, I'm relatively stable in my moods, unless stressed! Then I rub lots on. Looking back in time, women had 8 to 12 children in a shorter lifetime than we have now. Often one child was born and she would be pregnant again, horrors! But the point I'm making it she would be getting a great deal of progesterone over that time. One could argue she needed it as she was pregnant. I argue we need it now as we're so full of oestrogen! We only have to look through this excellent website Our Stolen Future to see how many oestrogen mimics (endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs) we now have to contend with. Not to mention all the phytoestrogens in the food we eat too. The instability is something I find hard to explain, it varies so much in each individual. Some never experience it, others do, how easy would my life be if I could say why! But some clues, stress drops progesterone levels, so do large meals due to an increased metabolic clearance rate, dark days and winter of course due to dropping vitamin D, phytoestrogens in food oppose it, as do the EDC's particularly those sprayed on food. So I can only hope you do get stability soon, as that amount you use is costly. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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