Diabetes 2, PCOS, and natural progesterone

by Sigrun
(Reykjavik, Iceland)

I have a question about PCOS, diabetes 2, and natural progesterone. My daughter is 37 years old. She has been suffering from PCOS for many years. She had a miscarriage 11 years ago.

Next time she got pregnant her doctor checked her progesterone level, it was much too low, and he prescribed her Utrogestan, which is micronized natural progesterone in capsules for the vagina. And she got a wonderful daughter who is 9 years old now. She is using the pill – Cerazette (Desogestrel). Recently my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 2, – with excessive sugar in her blood; – insulin resistance. She is having medicines, Januvia and Amaryl (she could not tolerant Glucophage (Metformin)). But her sugar level is still much too high. Do you think that Natpro progesterone cream could help to lower her sugar and insulin level? Here in Iceland we cannot have natural progesterone. Neither prescribed by a doctor nor ordered and posted from another country. It is forbidden by the Icelandic ADO. But I have used it myself (I am 61 years old) for some months now with good benefits for my health, by ordering it to an address in the USA and getting it by family member travelling from there to Iceland. I am wondering if natural progesterone could help my daughter with her sugar level? With thanks and my best regards, SB

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Dec 03, 2010
Diabetes 2, PCOS, and natural progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Sigrun How sad you can't get progesterone in Iceland, maybe all the women there should do a protest march! I know Utrogestan, I've used Cyclogest before which is similar. Progesterone does help stabilise blood glucose, whereas excess oestrogen is one cause insulin resistance. And of course progesterone reduces levels of oestrogen. But it won't help sufficiently to make a significant difference to the diabetes. But I believe your daughter is lacking vitamin D, there is a link between, insulin resistance, diabetes and low vitamin D, please see here, here, here, here and here. Latitude plays a big role in vitamin D status, the further north, the less sunlight, Iceland is over 60 degrees N, see here and here. Out of interest you might like to read this paper here. Although I don't agree with their desirable level of 50nmol/L, as many prominent vitamin D researchers are recommending no less than 125nmol/L. And a daily minimum dose of 5000iu's per day, and not the 600-800iu's as in the paper. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. Vitamin D is vital for PCOS too, a lack of it being a possible cause, please read through this page. Progesterone is also vital for PCOS, there's info on this too. Another nutrient she could consider is the amino acid taurine, which has also been found of help in diabetes, see here, here and here. Interestingly insulin resistance is a typical feature of hyperparathyroidism. PTH increases with dropping vitamin D levels, these drop during winter. As does progesterone, in fact a low level of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. Please ask her to have a vitamin D test done, and possibly PTH too. Take care Wray

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