Desperate situation

by so sick

Im not sure if anyone is reading these anymore but im desperation Im going to post to hope it might shed light on how important Natpro is to some people not just because its a good deal or a quality cream but because some people literally cannot use anything else.I have a rare disease called Mast Cell Activation Disorder that causes devastating and constant allergic reactions to all sorts of things and I began progesterone at 100 mg after reading the information on this website.It helped calm my reactions immediately,helped me to sleep better and helped my estrogen dominance symptoms.For the first two years I was okay switching between Natpro and another cream when Natpro wasnt in stock but slowly as is known to happen in my disease I grew more and more completely intolerant to all other creams but Natpro.I started buying in bulk because I lived in fear of these stock outs since I literally cannot use any other cream.Well,the day has finally arrived when my worst fear came true.Even my subsidiary was out and what I have been going through the last three days is nothing short of horrific.I have life threatening allergic reactions to all other creams but cold turkeying off Natpro after two years is even that much worse and is now causing me rebound life threatening allergic reactions.To be honest although it helped I would have never ever started it at that dose or at all if I had realized the ramifications of going without and that my one and only cream
Natpro would rarely be in stock.I have had to go on steroids due to the reactions to other creams and trying to go without the cream.In the meantime, I may be headed to the hospital and instead of being able to get the cream and relax if I do get any cream soon I would have to use it most likely to taper off of Natpro altogether because I cant depend on the supply and cant go through this every couple months. I cant explain how hard thats going to be on my frail body. Im just scared and am so lost going to the website to order only to see or hear that Natpro will be back in a few days and it never happens.When your life is on the line almost literally there is just much more at stake.I type this as I lay here at 5 am after not sleeping at all,all night due to withdrawl and planning on going to the hospital in a moment but what can they really do for me?Please if you can get Natpro back in stock and if its not going to be a continual supply let us know.I know this is nothing anyone has wanted why would the company want this but a little more clarity and trust would really help someone like myself to know what to do,although I doubt there is anyone who is in quite as perilous a situation as I am in right now.Thanks for listening and thanks for producing such a wonderful cream but it would make me so happy if I didn't have to worry about this anymore.Please excuse my rambling,Im just very frazzled and ill this morning.

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Apr 28, 2016
Desperate Situation
by: Joy

So Sick - Please contact me via my website as I do have a few tubes of Natpro that I could help you with while we wait for stock to arrive.

Take care.

May 03, 2016
Natpro supply
by: Anonymous

I feel for (desperate situation)- I too am soooo down and very anxious, although not suffering like she has.

Natpro is a lifeline to thousands/millions of women including me, who depend on it, (because it works) and to then suddenly find it cut off and the cream out of stock is unspeakable.

No amount of explaining will convince others what it feels like to have to go without progesterone once you have experienced the difference it makes to your life and wellbeing and despite finding out it will HOPEFULLY be available at the end of this month at least give me hope. end of May is such a long time to have to wait, I have become a wreck, crying all the time - back to the days before I used Natpro (have been using for 5 years) I just cant understand why it wasn't manufactured alongside the new recipe, until it was tested and available.

Its going to take some time and cream to get our bodies back up to the levels they were by continued everyday use. Personally I have been feeling very depressed and restless after three months without. I have even tried looking for a substitute but am scared of other symptoms using another cream might create.

Saying that I've felt suicidal at times is no word of a lie, my poor husband doesn't know what to think! He is really going through it right now, whoever would have thought this product could make such a difference to women's lives.

Its about time it became available on prescription although proving to local GP's just what a difference it makes is another story.

I want Desperate Situation to know that I understand exactly how she feels and hope she feels better once the cream reaches her. xx

Sep 11, 2016
I use Platt Pro as a backup
by: Anonymous

I know this comes a little late, and like you all, I have experienced that dread of running out of progesterone cream. I've tried many and the only other one that i find as effective as NatPro is Platt Pro 5%. Many of you may already use this one as well but just thought I would add for the women who do not know what else in out there on the market.

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