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I am 36 year old, never been pregnant and suffered with PMT all my life since onset of menarche. I take vit d 10,000iu/day, l-tyrosine 1500mg/day, vit b complex, l-glutamine, 5 htp, (all in a positive mood supplement), 1500mg/day, l-cysteine 2000mg/day, omega 3 oils x 3g/day, iodoral 4 capsules/day, selenium, a glandular adrenal support, magnesium, and regular homeopathy. I have been using the progesterone cream for 1 month now for my horrendous PMT and mood associated changes with it, and although my symptoms of breast tenderness, water retention, blood sugar imblances and general PMT have improved i am having a proper 6 day period on day 15/16, with ovulation on day 14 (i used to be 27/28 days cycle). I have had this breakthrough bleeding two times since starting the cream. I am calling day 1 of my cycle the same day as I start the bleed. This is not spotting, my period is as heavy as it was before i started the cream. The first unusal period i stopped using the cream after 1 day when i realised the bleed was really heavy and not just spotting and started the cream on day 12 after ovulation at 40mg day, after 4 days i had a heavy bleed again but this second time i continued with the amount of progesterone from 40mg/day to 60-80mg per day, the bleeding quantity and duration is the same as a normal period. I am now really confused what to do? i am on day 4 of bleed (so original day would have been day 20 had i not started blleding). As you would imagine my mood has overall only improved slightly, and my reaction to stress and my aggressive behaviour is still fairly high. I know this is becuase I am in some strange pattern with my hormones. What shall i do now?
thank you

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