Continuous use

by Lindsay

I have decided I may benefit from using Natpro continuously for a couple of months, from the advice of Wray and others on this site. I have a few questions I am hoping you could answer:

1. when would I start using continuously, after ovulation or at anytime in my cycle?

2. what should I do if i bleed? continue or stop using the cream?

3. how do I stop using the cream when I'm ready to cycle it again? should I gradually reduce? at what amount can I stop the cream without the return of estrogen dominance symptoms?

4. won't stopping the cream just enhance the symptoms as my body would be used to so much progesterone?

5. will continuous use prevent my body from naturally producing progesterone?

6. will my cycle start naturally when I stop the cream?

I am wanting to try for another baby and really want to use the cream around my cycles. I'm scared continuous use will prevent my cycles in the future or just return to my original symptoms.

Many thanks.

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Jun 07, 2011
You'll Be OK...Wait for Wray's Response
by: CamperKat

Hi there from New York...just wanted to give some quick info, because sometimes it takes Wray--who is a very busy, dedicated lady--to get back to people. Wait for Wray's final word, as she is the expert and will be able to answer all your questions, but in the meantime, I can tell you this...

It is my understanding that if you are a healthy, average-weight woman of reproductive age (unlike me, who is age 51 and uses the cream continuously now), you should follow your menstrual cycle when using progesterone cream. Using progesterone non-stop will not increase your chances of conceiving--that's not how things work. But use of progesterone cream after conception WILL help prevent miscarriage. These facts I know because I was a fertility patient for many years, and MDs only give you progesterone after you have become pregnant, never while you are trying to conceive. If Wray recommended continuous use, I'm thinking it would be for severe estrogen dominance issues and at a smaller physiological dose of no more than 40mg per day? Please double-check what I've said with Wray.

In specific response to your numbered questions:

1&2) You can start using the cream at any time in your cycle, but you should stop as soon as your menstrual cyle begins. You start the cream again after you stop bleeding.

3) Using progesterone cream will not stop your menstrual period from starting all on its own--again, that's not how things work. Use the cream daily, and when you get your period, stop using the cream all at once, no need to stop gradually.

4) Your body is not a machine that can be turned on and off. You must honor nature and follow your cycles. If you stop using the cream when you get your cycle, your body will accept this--this is how it happens in nature--your progesterone goes down when you start your period. You may have a few PMS-type symptoms, but it's only for the few days of your period, and if you are trying to have a baby--you must prepare yourself for some discomfort and recognize PMS symptoms are one of the small concessions (I won't say "sacrifice") you must make.

5) You body will not stop making progesterone if you use cream in the recommended amounts, similar to how your body uses the vitamin supplements you may take. But once a woman hits about age 35, the levels do drop precipitously, and higher continuous doses of progesterone really help with estrogen dominance issues.

6)See answer in #3. And...YES follow your cycles...this is what nature intended.

Hope this has been of help! God bless.

Jun 08, 2011
by: Lindsay

Thanks CamperKat!
Its so nice of you to take the time to respond to my endless queries! I do want to conceive but am not trying atm, I had severe post natal anxiety in the past and dont want to experience this again. Wray suggested the stopping and starting of natpro is not helping reduce the estrogen dominance symptoms and suggested continuous use for 2-3 months. My previous post (confused and desperate) details the problems Ive been having,which I dont want to repeat.

It seems i need to use a lot of cream to reduce the symptoms but to stop the cream for my period results in worse symptoms. A small dose just activates the estrogen receptors, although i dont get the same severe reaction when I stop the cream for my period. However, this defeats the purpose. It seems I may not be getting any benefit from using the cream for the last year or so. thanks again

Jun 21, 2011
Continuous use
by: Wray

Hi Lindsay CamperKat always comes to my rescue! As do Annette, Natasha and Eve, it's of such help to me, as they have all been through hell and back over the past years. To reiterate what CamperKat says, yes you can start the progesterone anytime in your cycle if using it continuously. Your first period might be early, or late, there's no way of telling. And the following periods will come and go at will, sometimes regularly, sometimes not. As I suggested using it with no break to 'top' up your progesterone, and suppress the oestrogen, ignore the bleeding, use the cream throughout your period. Stopping continual use can be done at any time, but please make sure you are having no excess oestrogen symptoms when you do. This is why I suggested using it for 2-3 months. Once you feel stable, stop the cream, you should bleed within a day or two. Don't reduce gradually. But when you do stop it, please watch for those oestrogen dominance symptoms. If you should feel any at all, I don't believe you're ready to follow your cycle. You'll have to experiment with the amount, only you can tell how much you need to feel well. I'm not sure what you mean by 'enhance' the symptoms. The good ones or the bad? Maybe CamperKat's answer is what you are looking for. Continuous use will only stop you from making progesterone if you use a high enough amount, 200mg/day and more. It can work as a contraceptive, ie stop ovulation, but with no adverse side effects. But once you stop using it, the cycle returns and you'll begin ovulating and making progesterone again. Please see our page on Pregnancy for more info. Finally no, your body will take time to settle into a regular cycle. But if you use the progesterone only after ovulation, it will settle down in a month or two. If you know how long your cycle was, please follow that length. Cycles range from 21 to 35 days, The luteal phase is always, in every woman, 12-14 days long, starting at ovulation and ending with bleeding. See our page on How to use progesterone cream for more info. So continuous use will not stop your cycles in future, but you might consider using progesterone throughout your pregnancy too, and after, if you've suffered from PND in the past. Please see this page other page on pregnancy and PND here, and our page on Anxiety. Take care Wray

Jun 21, 2011
You'll Be OK...Wait for Wray's Response
by: Wray

Hi CamperKat Bless you once again for your reply! Take care Wray

Jun 21, 2011
You'll Be OK...Wait for Wray's Response
by: Wray

Hi CamperKat I can't thank you enough for all your help! I seem to be running about 10 days behind now. Take care Wray

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