Consistently Exhausted 30 year old Male

by Jason

Hi -

I'm 30 and suffer from exhaustion on a regular basis. My wife is taking progesterone (NatPro) for her estrogen dominance. I'm the researcher of the two of us and found this site and got her going on it. Through looking around I saw it's helpful for men. Generally speaking I'm a healthy male, not overweight, regularly exercise and eat fairly healthy. I don't know that I would be remotely considered estrogen dominant in any way.

Should I try a different supplement or is progesterone a potential deficiency?


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Feb 14, 2015
Consistently Exhausted 30 year old Male
by: Wray

Hi Jason Thanks for your support. Exhaustion can be caused by many things, not least a lack of progesterone. It certainly helped mine when I started using it. As for Oestrogen Dominance, that's a difficult one to gauge without trying progesterone, when it does become very apparent! A friend of mine is an organic farmer, his wife suggested he tried the Natpro for reasons I can't now remember. He was eating only organic food etc, he was 'healthy', well exercised of course, and yet he had very bad symptoms when he started the progesterone. In his case the problem lay with the non-organic farms surrounding his, they were all sprayed with pesticides etc, If you do consider trying progesterone, please use enough, I would suggest 100mg/day as a starter. D-ribose is another nutrient you could try, see here, here, and here. Please look through our page on Insulin Resistance, this is often the cause of exhaustion. And if you have muscle weakness or myopathy with the exhaustion, then it could be due to a lack of Vitamin D, here, here, here and here. Myopathy is also caused by a lack of progesterone too, see here, here and here. This last abstract has nothing on it, so I've pasted a passage from the paper which I bought... 'Substantial relief of myopathic disability by progesterone therapy'.....
(We report about a 41-year old woman who was suffering from a general muscle weakness since her early childhood....From July 1998 until July 1999 the patient was treated with progesterone suppositorium 0.4 g once a day from the 14th to the 25th day of the menstrual cycle. In July 1999 her gait had improved signi´Čücantly and she could get up from a chair more easily, even her ability to walk up and down stairs had improved....Progesterone dosage was increased from 400 mg to 600 mg. In January 2001 the patient reported enthusiastically about the improvement she had gained from progesterone-therapy. The patient reported a clear increase in strength in all affected muscle groups resulting in dramatic functional improvement.) Has anyone checked your adrenal function? Adrenal stress can cause exhaustion, see here. And these two websites by Dr Wilson and Dr Lam. Progesterone does help this. Take care Wray

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