Confused, PCOS Progesterone Cream and breakthrough bleeding

by Amanda

I have been using Progest natural progesterone cream for a little over a month. Before using I hadn't had a normal cycle for 3 months prior to using the cream. and even that cycle was brought on by BC pills. I have also tried many different herbal supplements. While those proved helpful with hirsutism and a more normal cycle, my PMS and emotional state was all over the map. So I have had started my cycle for a 3rd time today since starting the cream a month ago. It seems to be a week on a week off. I am having all the symptoms of oestrogen dominance. I increased my dosage based on my reading that maybe I wasn't using enough. I read in many places that suggested using larger amounts for PCOS and using non stop for 2-3 months. But I could not find anyone who was having this much breakthrough bleeding with PCOS. Should I just keep using the cream through the bleedings? and wait another 2-3 months to see if I level out? Should I stop went he bleeding stops? and start again 14 days later.....Also with each breakthrough bleeding cycle I have felt very strong PMS symptoms a day or two before and had more cramps than I am used to....

Thanks in advance, I really need some guidance!

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