Confused about P:E ratio

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Hi there , would like some help figuring out my estrogen / pregesterone ratio ! About a year ago my periods became irregular & my hair started falling out, no libido & clitoral atrophy. My OB ran hormone test & said hormones look good however I'm in perimenopause & possibly life's stress is the cause of my hair to fall out ! His perscription was "take a vacation with my husband " and maybe this would bring my libido back ! Next visit was to DERM. he first said I have female pattern baldness & after looking at blood results suggested seeing endocrinologist since my estrogen looked low but then he SO kindly said estrogen supplements cause cancer so it's your call ! Endo did more blood work not on the correct days of cycle never addressed my symptoms said vit.was low 29 started me on vit D B12 mega doses & had me crushing 30 estrodial pills into shampoo for hair regrowth ! My last visit was to a PA she ran blood on day 21 estrogen was 78 progesterone was 5.9 testosterone was 13 free testosterone was .8 ! Days 1-13 I'm on 50mgs pill form progesterone & days 14-24 100mgs pill form ( pill form was to help w insomnia) & testosterone cream ! Just started DHEA 5 mg ! Hair continues to fall out & I feel monotone which is not my personality ! I'm very energetic ! I'm wondering if I need more progesterone to control hair loss & if I should be using cream progesterone @ 200 mgs days 14-24 ? Confused about the ratios ! Sorry so long winded ! Help !

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