Coeliac diesease, Osteopaenia, Miscarriage, Ashermans and Endometriosis

by K

Hi There,

As you can tell from the above title I have a bit going on! I am 37 and I have recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis after surgery to correct Asherman's disease (after 12 months of knowing something was not right after a missed miscarriage and subsequent uterine infection, followed by two D&C's and subsequent uterine infections).

Strangely enough I only started to have pain associated with Endo after my miscarriage, but when looking for the source of the pain, found that I had stage 3 Endo (have now removed as much as they could). This blew me away to be honest as I didn't previously have any symptoms?.

Anyway, have been doing some research as we are trying to conceive with no luck to date and came across this website, did the online questionnaire and came back in the no.1 category for progesterone deficiency.....bugger! but does explain a lot I suppose.

I have ordered some Natpro, but am just wondering about rates to start with? I have read all of the links on this page but would really like a little more guidance if possible as there are different programs for different problems ie when trying to conceive - use only after ovulation, but for infertility use every day?

I have had a quick look through some older blood tests and found that my E2 levels are 282 pMol/L and Progesterone levels are at 1.3 nMol/L (apparently in the post menopausal range). NB I don't have my Vit D levels, but being Osteopaenic I do take a calcium supplement that has Vit D as well.

So after I do the conversion (if I have done it the right way) I come out with a ratio of P:E of 4.51:1.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Jan 06, 2015
Coeliac diesease, Osteopaenia, Miscarriage, Ashermans and Endometriosis
by: Wray

Hi K I'm not sure what page you read the links on, possibly our Endometriosis page, but in case not please have a look through it. We also have a page on Menstruation which might help, and one on How to use Progesterone Cream. Your P:E2 ratio is very low, I make it to be 4.6:1 or rounded up 5:1. This being the case I suggest using progesterone daily, ignoring any bleeding, for at least 3 months. It could be you need longer but unless you try it's impossible to tell. I have found from feedback that 500mg/day is needed if pain is severe, but you are the best judge of that. So once you've chosen an amount to suit, use it as and when needed. i.e. if you have hourly pain, use it hourly, breaking up the total daily amount into hourly amounts. Applying some of that amount in your vagina once or twice a day is a good plan, it travels to the uterus where it's needed very quickly. Once things have settled down, which could be in 3 months, 6 or longer, you could begin reducing the amount by about 16-30mg per reduction, staying on that amount for a few days before reducing further. You could also look at our page on Pregnancy for more info. Please have a Vitamin D test done, it's so important for conception, pregnancy, the growth of the foetus and for the neonate, so important. You might find after reading the page that you should be taking magnesium too. Excess calcium in ratio to magnesium is not a good thing, see here, here, here, here and here. You need about 10,000iu/day vitamin D, which you are probably no where near taking. Most people in Australia are deficient as you've all been told to stay out of the sun, or use sunscreens. Vitamin D is vital for normal gut function, the chances are you are deficient if you have coeliac disease. Please have a test done. PubMed have many papers on coeliac disease and vitamin D, see here. You do have to sort through them a bit, not all are pertinent. Take care Wray

Jan 09, 2015
Coeliac, Osteopaenia, Miscarriage, Asherman's and Endo
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for getting back to me Wray, I'll definitely get a Vit D test to check what my levels are. I will also get my hormones done again too as those levels were done a fair while ago- and from what I have read it is best to get them done in the middle of the luteal phase to get an optimal result.

Luckily with the Endo I really don't get a lot of pain- hence the reason I had no clue I had it! So just wondering if maybe a lower rate would be best to start with? Have read in some of your other replies 100-200mg and only 500mg if there is a lot of pain (which I don't have). Maybe the GF diet has helped keep the pain at bay......

Great info on the Coeliac and Vit D too! I know I am traditionally low in Zn, B's, Iron and Calcium, but hadn't considered that Vit D could still be a problem in Oz- but I do generally cover up to avoid sunburn and skin cancer so I suppose it stands to reason!

Also wondering about using the cream everyday when trying to conceive? Will that work as a contraceptive?

Is it best to only use it post ovulation when trying to conceive? If so would I stick with the 500mg or the lower rates?

Or are you thinking that I will def have to build up my levels before conceiving is a possibility?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for you help (again).

Will also let you know what my levels come back as.

Cheers, K.

Jan 16, 2015
Coeliac, Osteopaenia, Miscarriage, Asherman's and Endo
by: Wray

Hi K Any test for progesterone should be done mid luteal phase as you say. i.e. ±7 days after ovulation or before bleeding. If you have no pain then the 100-200mg/day should be fine. Progesterone does work as a Contraceptive if used before ovulation. There's more info here. And our Menstruation page might shed more light. It's best to start the progesterone if wanting to conceive, ±50 hours before ovulation. See our page on Pregnancy for more info on this. Progesterone stimulates LH which initiates ovulation. I do recommend using progesterone every day to begin with if something like endo is experienced. This gets one over the possible Oestrogen Dominance before pregnancy. Also hopefully it reverses the endo, or at least stops it increasing. Take care Wray

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