Chronic headaches

by Sheryl
(New Zealand)

Hello Wray, I had a hysterectomy in 1999. The next year I developed band like tightening headaches lasting 24/7. I still get these headaches today and the doctors and specialists just put me on anti depressants.

They did do blood tests for hormone levels and said they were all within there normal range. I have since had a silva test done and nearly all my levels are low. I have tried progestrone tabs, bi-est cream, DHEA, and progestrone cream with no luck in any. They just seem to make my headaches worse. Is it possible that the progestrone cream I tried has syntetic hormones in it? I would really love to be rid of these headaches and be able to get on with a normal happy life again. I am 50 years old.

Please can you help. I am considering ordering your Natpro but with the run of bad luck I have had in the past with stuff I am a bit hesitant. I have also started having trouble wearing eyeliner and mascara. Also some cleaners make my headaches worse and I have had trouble wearing my jewellery as well. I hope that once I can be free of these headaches that everything else will just come right again. Thank you.

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