Can't Get Pregnant

by Edward John

I'm writing this on behalf of my wife, who I think is progesterone deficient... the doctors (Gyn/Ob) whom we consulted earlier did agree on the fact that she has a hormone deficiency, which is the cause for facial and body hair and also most importantly, for her erratic cycles.

She had her last cycle on Jan 7 2010. Its been 3 months since and there is no sign of a probable cycle. (She usually has backache before the cycle). She is unable to get a good nights sleep and complains of her body getting warm even though the AC is running at the lowest possible temperature. She wakes up in the middle of the night and showers to ward off the heat but to no good. I'm worried about her condition.

Its been 3 years since our marriage and we visited many hospitals, everything would seem fine until the treatment is on but once it stops her condition is back to square one. She used medicine (Meprate, Gestin) upon the doctor's prescription. Please help me find a cure for her.

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Apr 20, 2010
Can't Get Pregnant
by: Wray

HI Edward. Judging by the symptoms you've given, she does have a hormonal imbalance. But I'm shocked they gave her Meprate, it's medroxyprogesterone acetate, a synthetic progestin, it is not progesterone! It has none of the benefits of progesterone and plenty of harmful affects, so it will not redress the imbalance your wife has, please see here.

What she does need is progesterone, it will also help regulate her cycle, and hopefully get her ovulating again, which doesn't appear to be occurring. It seems from the symptoms you've given 'facial and body hair and erratic cycles' that she could have poly cystic ovaries (PCO), have they checked for this? For more information on this please see here.

If you do decide to try progesterone please read this. And this. Take care, Wray

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