Can progesterone be my answer?

by K

I stumbled upon this site after researching Spironolactone, recommended to treat my acne and excess hair growth. Spironolactone mimics the progesterone found in birth control pills.

It has been my very educated guess that my issues with acne are due to an excess amount of the androgen hormones. My sister and mother suffer from cystic ovaries (not diagnosed PCOS). I have some of the tell tale signs including: acne, oily skin and hair, excess hair growth on my chin and upper lip, and a suspected intolerance to insulin. I am not over weight and I do get regular periods, albeit light.

Reading through this sight has helped me gain so much insight into a possible remedy (finally!) after so many years of suffering with acne, low self esteem caused by this, and an instinct that this was something hormonally related.

I took birth control for 7 years! Nausea and depression came along with this... I learned to live with it during the time and about 2 years ago decided that, no, it was not an option to live this way. I felt immensely better after coming off the pill but along came the acne, roaring back with a vengeance. I must say, even while on the pill, I still had acne... a much lighter version of what I have now.

I want to try out the "Energy Boost" supplements that you offer and am wondering if this may be a good start for me. As I mentioned before, I have a strong instinct that my hormones are somewhat out of whack.

I ran out yesterday (seeing as today is day 15 of my cycle) and purchased Emerita Pro-Gest, but I think I will hold out on it until my next cycle and until I gather up all the info needed to give myself the OK to move ahead with hormone therapy. I'm 24 years old and plan on having babies in the next 3-5 years. I guess I'm just afraid to play with hormones and need a push in the right direction.

Now a few questions:

1. Will the Energy Boost supplements be a good starting point for me?
2. Is there anything that can go wrong if I try progesterone?
3. How does progesterone cream and vitex (chaste berry) differ in the results it achieves?
4. I've read that it is safe to use during pregnancy, but I've also read that it can cause miscarriage like Vitex (which is recommended to stop during pregnancy). If I were to become pregnant would I have to discontinue use? Up or lower the amount?
5. What kind of doctor would I have to see if I want to get my hormone levels tested?

Thank you!

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Jun 10, 2010
Can progesterone be my answer?
by: Wray

Hi K Spironolactone is an anti-aldosterone so used as a diuretic, but it's also an anti-androgen, as it binds to the androgen receptor sites. Hence it's use in acne as testosterone causes this, one of the reasons teenage boys get acne far worse than girls. Insulin does play a role too, as high levels stimulate the release of testosterone. I'm relieved you've come off the BCP, you might be interested to read what it can do to us here. The BCP stops all ovarian function, the eggs are kept in a dormant state, so no oestrogen, testosterone or progesterone is made. Which is why they can help with acne, but at what cost? So the reason your acne came roaring back once you came off them is they are now waking up. The eggs are making oestrogen and testosterone, but it will be some time before you ovulate each month and make progesterone. PCO and cystic ovaries are caused by oxidative stress....a lack of antioxidants, an excess of carbs, particularly grains and anything made from them, sugars, and sweet fruits and root vegetables. These all convert to glucose, which is the most oxidising food we can eat, this leads to inflammation and high insulin. Stress plays a role in oxidation too. And of course the BCP upsets the ovaries greatly. I've since formulated a new complex for PCO and ovarian mal-function. It is similar to the Energy Boost, but has higher antioxidants in it. It contains the same doses as used in the few studies that successfully initiated ovulation. I think this would be a better option for you. Please see here. Progesterone has been used for 70 years now, and to date I've not found a study showing something can go wrong. Agnus castus has been used for many problems which women suffer from, PMS, mastalgia, menstrual irregularities, fibrocystic breasts, increasing lactation and more. It can also reduce prolactin levels, which in turn can cause luteal phase dysfunction, with subsequent problems in embryo implantation. But because it has a mild oestrogenic action, levels of 17 beta-oestradiol can increase. One study found mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurred in the luteal phase. If prolactin levels are high both progesterone and the amino acid tyrosine are very affective at suppressing it. Agnus castus doesn't contain progesterone. Progesterone can't cause a miscarriage, it's given to prevent them! It's often called the pregnancy hormone, without it no woman will carry a child to term. Please see here. We have helped many women with recurrent miscarriages who have used the cream and given birth to a healthy baby. Any doctor can organise a hormone test, saliva are the most accurate. Take care Wray

Jun 11, 2010
by: K

Hi Wray! Thank you so much! I am so glad I found this site. Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and educated. I took Vitex for a short period (a month or so) after stopping the BCP. It helped get my cycles back in order but I'm glad I'm off it.

Also, the link you posted to the new version of the Energy Boost took me to the original page about PCOS with the link to the original Energy Boost.

Jun 15, 2010
by: W

Hi K Pleased I could help a bit and thanks so much for the kind words. They mean a great deal, as I do try to give as much info as I can so people can make informed decisions for themselves. Although progesterone is my passion, I'm not blind to the fact that the nutrients can indeed heal. I've seen remakable turnarounds in people taking them. But the dose has to be correct, too often they are far too low, therefore have little effect and are too costly. But I have an apology to make. I did ask the web master to put up a new page for me with the PCO complex on, but in his words "I screwed up"! He forgot to do it, but has promised to do it immediately. Take care, Wray

Note from Webmaster: Apologies K, here's the new PCO Formula page.

Jun 28, 2010
Thank you
by: K

Many thanks, Wray! PS. Love love love all the update emails you send out... so informative :)

Jun 30, 2010
Thank you
by: Wray

Hi K Thank you! Take care Wray

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