Breast tenderness increasing

by Barbara
(Granite Bay, CA)

Hello Wray and All, here is my update on using Natpro:

All symptoms are gone for me except one which is actually increasing: breast tenderness and swelling. Too much cream perhaps? I am taking 7 days off per month, am still ovulating, and used 1/2 tsp. per day for 2 months. Swelling and tenderness got much worse. So I backed off to using 1/4 tsp. Still bad breast pain.

Question: Do I forget taking the 7 days off from using the cream?
Question: Should I increase the dosage again?

I would think any estrogen dominance would be resolved by now.

Thank you!

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Jun 18, 2009
Breast tenderness increasing
by: Wray

Hi Barbara. I'm happy your symptoms have resolved, but puzzled why you are taking only 7 days off. If you are still ovulating you should be using the cream from ovulation or for the last 14 days before your period. Unless you have a 21 day cycle, in which case using it from day 7 is correct. Using progesterone before ovulation will prevent your ovaries making any.

I also suggest you increase the dose back to the 1/2 tsp and rub some of the cream on your breasts am and pm too, this should hopefully resolve the problem. Oestrogen dominance does take time to disappear, it depends so much on how much excess oestrogen you have. Take care, Wray

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