Breast cancer

by Patsy Seng

Dear Wray, I have a friend who has breast cancer. She opted for the alternative treatment. She is on iodoral, protease enzyme and vit C therapy. I want to introduce her to progesterone therapy. Need your advice as how to go about with the application of the Natpro cream?

Another friend has 8cm of ovarian cyst, will the cream help or she has to go for the surgery to remove the cyst? She is not willing to do so. Thanks.

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Jan 02, 2011
Breast cancer
by: Wray

Hi Patsy We do have a page on cancer and progesterone, please ask your friend to read it. It does prevent mitosis, or cells dividing, but the amount would be dependant on symptoms and the severity of the case. I normally recommend 100-200mg/day, but in her case the higher amount would be better, possibly more. I take it she's under the care of an alternative practitioner who could guide her on it's use? She might like to read these two pages here and here. Please ask her to have a vitamin D test done, a lack of this vitamin can lead to cancer, it's far more important than vitamin C, far more important. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. And these videos on cancer and vitamin D here and here. Cysts on the ovaries or in the breasts indicate excess oestrogen, it's essential to reduce this and increase the progesterone level. I can't tell you how long it will take to go, 8cm is large. It might have gone beyond the point where the body can absorb it. Progesterone must become the dominant hormone to feel well. I've found from Saliva Tests we run, that the ratio of progesterone to oestrogen should be 600:1 and over. Both your friends probably have ratios far lower than this. I would ask you to ask your second friend to have a vitamin D test too. Even living 1 degree N of the equator it's possible to have a low level. Most of us stay out of the sun, as we work indoors all day. Take care Wray

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