Blood work says hormone levels are normal yet PMS is worse!

by Renee
(United States)

I am a 49 year old female with regular periods. I had blood drawn on November 21. Day 21 of my cycle.

I have been taking 400 mg oral compounded natural progesterone daily since November 1. Prior to that I was on 300 mg daily (and supplemented with progesterone cream on days 14-28). I have been taking natural progesterone since February.

Results of blood work came back that progesterone and estradiol are within normal range. Progesterone is 25.8 ng/mL (range is 2.6-21.5). I find that confusing because my level is high according to their range, yet they are saying I am within range.

Estradiol is 160 ng/mL (range is 56-214 ng/mL).

My vitamin D is at 55 ng/mL which is considered optimal range by the lab. (Optimal range is >30 ng/mL)

So, if my levels are all normal, then why am I continuing to have horrendous PMS? Right after I ovulate I experience about 10 days of cramping/quivering feelings in my ovaries. I have described it as a feeling of spiders crawling all over my ovaries. It's a horrible feeling and ibuprofen does not stop it. It is CONSTANT for about 10 days and causes me extreme anxiety and emotional disturbance. Recent pap test in November shows all is normal. NO infection or cancer.

The breast pain is so bad that it radiates to my armpits. I have to wear my bra to bed. The pain is sometimes so bad that I cry. Mammograms/breast exam show everything is fine. I have been told it is just cyclical pain associated with my menstrual cycle. Just take some motrin. Um...yeah.

I gain 4-5 pounds every month (which then goes away the week after my period).

I get migraines the week before my period. I am moody, overly sensitive, my pain tolerance is very low, I have constipation, I get angry at the dumbest things.

Then 24 hours after my period starts all the symptoms go away. It takes about 5 days for the weight to come off.

I've always suffered with terrible PMS, but I also had a hormonal imbalance. Now, it seems that my hormones are balanced, yet I am still having PMS. I think it's getting worse as I get closer to menopause.

I have a clean diet. NO caffeine, sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, alcohol, processed food. I eat a paleo diet. I don't smoke. I take ashwaganda (for adrenal support), Vitamin C, Vitamin D with K2, selenium (for thyroid), magnesium glycinate and turmeric (for inflammation). I am going to be tested for MTHFR gene mutation).

I don't understand why I still feel like my hormones are out of whack.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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