BC Pill got rid of breast cyst

by Louise
(Sydney Australia)

Thank you for writing this information in a factual and easy to understand way. I would love to get natural progesterone, but have a high mortgage repayment, and it would cost over $70 per month.

In the meanwhile, I have been using the birth control pill to try to reduce the uterine lining build up (though have been bleeding heavily so it hasn't helped in that regard) - but I have noticed that a breat cycst has all but diappeared after having it for months. Presumably this is the effect of the progesterone?

Why is it that natural progesterone is not financially available to all people who need it? Are you able to recommend any of the least expensive brands. For me at least, this progesterone therapy will be long and ongoing, and I need to be realistic and not create more stress by living beyond my means.

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Jan 02, 2010
BC Pill got rid of breast cyst
by: Wray

Hi Louise Thanks for the kind words! You have the cost wrong, it's not per month, but for three months. $69 is the cost of three tubes, which should last about three months. Individual tubes are $24.70, but if three are bought the cost reduces to $23.00/tube. We do try to keep our cost down, and in fact have not changed the price in the fourteen years we've been making it.

Frequent web searches have revealed that Natpro is the lowest cost available, for the amount of progesterone contained. There are some doctors who will write a prescription for it, in which case it can be claimed on medical aid. The birth control pill does not contain progesterone, only a progestin, you might like to see this web page on contraceptives.

The pill suppresses all ovarian function, so not only are you not making any progesterone, but no oestrogen either. This would account for the cyst reducing in size. Take care, Wray

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