Baby number 8

by Sharon Pickford
(Shepton mallet, England)

Following 3 miscarriages, I was finally referred to an assisted conception clinic for investigations, I was 30 years old and desperate to have a family, so the miscarriages had devistated me.

Following two appointments at the clinic, lots of blood tests and another miscarriage, I was told that they could not find any problems and to keep trying....... 6 Months later and another miscarriage I asked to go back to the clinic where I was told that there was no answer and that perhaps in 10 - 15 years time, the medical profession would understand reoccuring miscarriage better to be able to help.........

Devastation, turned to frustration which in turn turned to Anger with the way that I had been treated, so I turned to the internet..... and found St Mary's Hospital, London after sending a last hope e-mail, I recieved a response telling me that if I could get a consultant referral they would see me..... I did not need to do this as after speaking to my doctor and asking for a referral to a provate consultant, my GP decided that the treatment I had had locally was poor to say the least.... he contacted the clinical director who agreed to see me personally and said that if he could not help me he would refer me himself. During this time, I suffered another 3 miscarriages, however, the consultant told me that my progesterone levels were low and that a course of Chlomid would possibly help me........ after 3 tablets per day and 4 months, I was pregnant and staying pregnant........ this was over two years ago now and I have a lovely 19 month old baby boy and am now returning to Chlomid in the hope of another baby...

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Oct 06, 2011
Baby number 8
by: Wray

Hi Sharon I'm pleased the specialist said you were short of progesterone, as that's more often than not the cause of recurrent miscarriages. But I'm dismayed he said Clomid would sort you out, see here, andhere. Clomid only forces the body to ovulate, you have absolutely no problem with that or in falling pregnant, as evidenced by all the miscarriages you've had. All you needed was progesterone prior to falling pregnant and continuing once you'd conceived. We have a page on Pregnancy you might like to look through. It gives details of how to use progesterone. Incidentally I had five miscarriages before having my daughter, all caused by excess stress. Stress drops progesterone levels sharply, hence the miscarriages. The pregnancy page I've given you has plenty of papers on miscarriages. Please have a vitamin D test done, it's essential for a successful pregnancy, and most people in the UK have too low a level, see here, here, here, here and here. These are excellent videos to watch too, see here and here. For info on testing etc., see the Birmingham Hospital and Vitamin D Links websites. Take care Wray

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