I was searching the web for help with my perimenopause. I did not even understand what I had, but that is what the doctors called it and then they added estrogen dominance. I came upon Wray's site and I got so many answers and so much information. I felt truly blessed to have found her. I immediately began to follow her protocol. It has been since 2002 that I felt I was saved.

Her unwavering spirit to get the word out has worked for thousands of women. I too will surely miss her. My mother died of Uterine cancer carcinoma/sarcoma of the uterus. I felt I was doomed to have the same end.

I am heart broken that she lost her battle on earth but she gained so much by being here with us. God rest your soul Wray, may you find peace in your eternal resting place and every time I meet another women with these problems I will pass your word on. You will live on through each and everyone of us. Peace be with my friend.

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