Anxiety, Insomnia and Fatigue

by Carla

My anxiety just seems to be getting worse and worse since I've started on progesterone cream. My cream is compounded 45mg progesterone and .6mg testosterone. I have also been taking Xanax for over a year, which I prefer not to do because I do not like to take these kinds of medications.

Am I just not using enough cream to combat the anxiety? I am 45 years old and the anxiety seemed to have started when I was at a high stress time in my life. I am also hypothyroid and all my problems seemed to start occurring all at once. I am being treated for my hypothyroism with a natural compounded thyroid med.

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Jun 22, 2010
Anxiety, Insomnia and Fatigue
by: Wray

Hi Carla You're not using enough progesterone, I've found it has to between 100-200mg/day to really have an effect. For anxiety I would suggest the higher amount, as progesterone activates the GABA receptor sites, GABA is one of our most calming neurotransmitters. It also helps raise serotonin levels. A drop in progesterone, serotonin and GABA causes anxiety and depression, so does a drop in blood glucose. Please avoid all starchy sugary foods and all grains and anything made from them. Please see here for information on Nutrition and Diet. I would avoid the testosterone too, it will be suppressing the progesterone. It's always given in the mistaken belief it raises libido, the jury is still out on this. In fact we have many men using progesterone to raise theirs. And your hypothyroidism could be nothing more than a vitamin D deficiency, please have a test done. For more info please see the Vitamin D Council. web site. A lack of vitamin D also causes anxiety and depression, and a low level reduces the benefits of progesterone. A lack of vitamin D causes parathyroid hormone levels to increase, this suppresses the thyroid. Excess adrenaline also suppresses it, when stressed we make excess adrenaline. Stress also drops GABA, serotonin and progesterone levels. I agree with you about taking the AD's, there are so many natural antidepressants, please see our web page on Anxiety. It gives a list of them there, some of them help with insomnia too. If you consider increasing the progesterone please see our web page on Oestrogen Dominance. This can occur even if using progesterone. Take care Wray

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