Almost 30 days of mild bleeding....

by Wende

I am a 41 woman in excellent health and I have never had any health scares or major illnesses. My period has always been predictable although after having my tubes tied 10 years ago, it became heavier and clotty which I had not had before that. It has always lasted 5-6 days, being light the first day with cramps, then heavy and clotty 2-3 days and then the last few days is always brown and light.

I have been under tremendous emotional stress over the last few months (which I have delt with and I am better......marital problems), and for the first time, last June, my period became irregular. I had my normal one the beginning of June and then didn't have it for two weeks and then boom....another full one. Then I went two weeks and had one for July that was normal and a normal one in August. I was supposed to start again around the 4th of September and didn't start until the 9th. It was brown and smelled like old blood. I figured it was because I was several days late.

Well, it has been lighter than normal and barely any clots and going back and forth between brown and bright red and has not stopped. In fact, for the last 10 days or so, it's only there when I wipe after going to the bathroom. Today is October 5th. I am trying to cut out all stress in my life, but with three kids and a job and husband, it's impossible! I am also feeling like my moods are up and down and I can cry at the drop of a hat. I am guessing I am staring peri menopause???

I saw a natropath dr. A week ago and she only suggested I do a cleanse to set my body back to square one and to take a candida supplement since I am pretty sure candida is an issue too.

I found your site researching what to do to make the spotting/bleeding stop. I started progesterone cream about a week ago and mood/stress wise, I am feeling better. The last two days, my period has lightened up quite a bit and it's only there when I wipe after urinating. It is the 20 mg a pump type and I'm using 4-5 pumps a day. I know from reading your site, you suggest 400 mg a day. I just can't see how I can rub that much in!!! Every inch of me is feeling super moisturized from all the cream I'm rubbing in! I feel like if I take more, it would stop this everlasting period altogether, but I just can't rub any more in. Not to mention, it's getting expensive!

What can I do to make it stop? I have searched all the symptoms for other stuff like fybroids and such that cause prolonged periods and have no sypmtoms. No pain, no bloating, nothing but......spotting non stop!

Please help! Thanks so much! Wende

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Oct 06, 2014
Almost 30 days of mild bleeding....
by: Wray

Hi Wende Your guess is right! We do have a page on Peri-menopause you could look through. A Candida supplement is always a good idea, so is a cleanse. But neither will set your body back to square one once P-M has started. Evidently the cream you are using is not very strong if you feel super moisturised from it. I've been using up to 2000mg/day of our cream for stress and not had a problem. I applied it 3-4 times a day all over me. We have found about 400mg/day is needed to stop bleeding, but we've also found a protocol we recommend helps greatly and often 400mg/day is not needed. You'll find the info on the supplements on our page about Menstruation. Take care Wray

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