Age 48, TVH and OOPH = HIVES and Migraines until...

by Cynthia Ann Lombardi
(Porterville, CA USA)

My Nurse Practitioner went to a conference and heard a compounding pharmacist talk about Progesterone replacement (bio-identical was his recommendation).

Sure enough, almost immediately the hives decreased and soon were gone completely... unless I ran out of or low on Progesterone !!

Here I need to mention, the TVH was due to a 740 gram, yes, seven-four-OH gram uterus due to fibroids!! Had I been deficient in Progesterone for years? I delayed the surgery 7 years, had numerous 2nd opinions and never once did any doctor or practitioner suggest Progesterone therapy and certainly I missed it in my reading )):

I consented to the oopherectomy after a cousin (also a surgeon) said, at this age - ovaries are only a danger to you. Why would you want to keep them?

Welcome to migraines and the Hell related to improper HRT !!!!

This Fall I turned 64, until mid August I had continued the costly bio-identical replacement creams and/or drops. Due to a July scare with a cyst in my right breast, I stopped all three. Initially, I could tell very very little difference, almost none at all.

THEN began the sleepless nights, wacky wild dreams, restless legs and even occasional high b/p (mostly while at the doctor's ofc.)

Finally the problems caused me to type 'age 64, excessive dreaming, little quality REM sleep' into a Google window and W A L L A H ~ Wray Whyte and Natpro came up.

That was about 3 weeks ago, I'm just finishing my initial tube of Natpro and am certainly open to suggestions, others experiences and future conversations. The sleep is slowly improving, but thank Heaven, the feeling more like my old self has returned.

Thanks for listening.

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Dec 17, 2010
Age 48, TVH and OOPH = HIVES and Migraines until...
by: Wray

Hi Cynthia I'm so pleased the progesterone has helped in such a short time. I'm not in favour of HRT, even natural, we get more than enough oestrogen from the endocrine disruptors which abound now. For more on this please see the websit

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