After two miscarriages

by Melanie
(Fresno, CA)

I had a child when I was 19. He is now 19 himself. Had no problems with him, no morning sickness, nothing. Was on the pill until about 3 years ago. My fiance and I have been trying to have a child since. I was pregnant last year at about this time, and at 10 weeks I had a d&c (the fetus apparently was about 7-1/2 wks). This was in April of last year. I had another d&c on January 2 of this month at about 7 weeks.

I just found out I am pregnant again. My last period was February 28 so I'm not far along at all. I asked my doctor if there was ANYTHING that could be done to help me carry this baby to full term. He has put me on progesterone 100mg once a day pills.

Here's the problem. Since I turned about 30, I have had severe menstrual cramping with each period. Some months less severe than others. With my first miscarriage the cramping was so severe that most of the time I spent sitting on a toilet just crying begging it to stop and not knowing if I could do this for 9 months. I didn't have to, obviously, and boy did I feel bad for even thinking it. The second pregnancy, same thing. Cramping, but not quite as severe as the first.

Here it is... 3rd time (hoping it's the charm), but I have been cramping at least once a day severely. I just started taking the progesterone 4 days ago. Will the cramps get better and will I be able to carry this one full term?

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Apr 07, 2009
Give it Time
by: H. Ducker

I had a very similar situation 4 years ago. Two pregnancies, severe cramping, and then miscarriages. I kept being told, "Things happen for a reason." I believed that to an extent, but I am a very proactive person. I sought out a doctor who was also very proactive. She put me on progesterone, and I am happy to say, within about 2 weeks, the cramping stopped and I carried my baby with no complications to term. Good luck, and keep praying! Hope this eases some of your fears.

Apr 10, 2009
After two miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Melanie. As H Ducker comments, progesterone does help with cramping, as it's a good anti-inflammatory. I would rather you were using progesterone in cream, injection or suppository form, as the oral version is mostly destroyed as it passes through the gut and liver. It also puts a strain on the liver which has to metabolise it. The cream can be applied anywhere, which is an advantage, ie it can be rubbed over the painful cramps. Please consider changing to one of the above forms.

I have found that recurrent miscarriages do need a higher dose than normal, certainly initially. We do have a web page on conception and pregnancy you might like to look at:

Can progesterone help with Conception and Pregnancy problems?

Take care, Wray.

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