A question or two...

by Chrissy
(London, England)

I have had a hysterectomy (I've kept my ovaries) because of pretty bad fibroids.

I am wondering: if my problem was caused by a progesterone deficiency, what caused that deficiency?

I am also wondering: now that I have had the hysterectomy (while retaining my ovaries), might I need progesterone supplement even more than before?

Thanks for your site.

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Nov 10, 2007
Hysterectomy and progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Chrissy. Its difficult to tell what caused the deficiency. It could be you were not ovulating every month, that your oestrogen level was too high, this is generally the case with fibroids, as they depend on oestrogen to grow, that your adrenals are stressed, they also make a small amount of progesterone.

Stress itself lowers progesterone levels. Have you been very stressed in the past year or so? I can only say you would benefit from supplemental progesterone, even though you still have your ovaries. It's so protective, has so many diverse roles to play, the list is endless! Hope this helps. Take care Wray

Oct 11, 2009
by: beth

I too had a hysterectomy (my ovaries were spared). I believe now, that my only real problem was a hormone imbalance. It is to late to worry about that now. My ovaries do not work. I was 28 when I had a hysterectomy and am 33 now. My ovaries quit working shortly after surgery.

Get your hormone levels tested! Get replacement therapy and educate yourself- be proactive! I will never make another health decision without learning all I can about what is going on with my body. The next time a doctor looks at me like I am crazy they will get an ear full. Luckily I have found good and understanding doctors now! Good luck and get tested!

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