A little help for some family and friends please

by Lance
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I found your site while doing research to help my niece with some debilitating symptoms. She has a website chronicaling her attempt to get relief from her symptoms (

She suffers from near syncope, PCOS, neurological pain in her arm, migraines, low blood pressure, I suspect insulin resistance, and a number of other symptoms. I sent her a link to your site to read up on PCOS, hormone levels, and progesterone use. I also sent her a link to this site because it seemed relevant and related.

She has had some relief of her symptoms using the drug Gabipentin/neurontin. I warned her that this drug is addictive and has many bad side effects in the long run. I sent her some links covering the side effects and the current law suits. I explained that its action as a GABA analogue may be masking her symptoms if her near syncope is from insulin resistance (as a side effect of PCOS) and or that its action on the Vagus nerve may be masking the symptoms if her symptoms are related to Neurally Mediated Hypotension (NMH). I also warned her against using a progesterone creme that is not bio identical manufactured from either soy or wild yam. I also explained that there is supposedly a bio identical synthetic progesterone but it has the wrong chiral and does not absorb completely or correctly. Her doctor, I believe, is putting her on a synthetic. She unfortunately seems to feel a false sense of resolution. I was wondering if you could review her website and give me some feedback. I have actually gone into way more detail with her on nutrition, hormones, and environmental toxins than the above would indicate. Also, could you please keep this private until you have developed a dialog with her.

My wife has been aided greatly by the use of progesterone creme throughout her menopause. It is a shame that we did not discover her progesterone deficiency sooner. Perhaps she would not of had to have a 5 pound fibroid removed. She is, however, still encountering severe hot flashes, periods of diminished energy, and achy muscles and joints. Any of the herbal remedies with any estrogen suggested by our local supplement store has made her feel very sick. Do you have any suggestions?

My daughter has overcome endometriosis by having her use progesterone creme. Her doctors wanted to do a hysterectomy. She is now pain free, has more normal moods, and is having normal menstruation.

I also have a friend that had a total hysterectomy last year because of severe endomentriosis. They put her on synthetic estradiol. She is suffering mood swings, excessive sweating and hot flashes. I explained that these symptoms would get worse over time and that her doctor would probably change her estrogen type periodically to help. I also explained that many of her symptoms could be helped with progesterone creme and that she should use it to slow down, stop, or reverse the inevitable loss of bone mass due to low progesterone levels. I had her get some progesterone creme. She had a very bad reaction the first time she used it. I explained the issue of estrogen dominance and had her cut the dose in half and gave her the link to your site on how to use progesterone creme. That seemed to help. She has been using it successfully for several months now. I am not comfortable offering her any advice beyond this. Do you have any advice to her on what to do about her synthetic estradiol or the use of any other supplements to help with her symptoms?

Also, I am a 46 year old male and am curious about my hormone levels. I have been experiencing hot flashes lately.

Sorry to drop this all on you at once. I just feel that I have over stepped my education or competence in this area trying to help family and friends. I am not a doctor or a naturalpath. However, I have not met a doctor that even has achieved my level of incompetence in hormones or nutrition. Now that is scary. So, I have been doing my best with research to help since there are apparently no options in the mainstream medical establishment. Take your time. You are doing me the favor. Thank you in advance. Best wishes.

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Sep 27, 2009
A little help for some family and friends please
by: Wray

Hi Lance. Well I read the entire site and a few things jumped out, the PCO, her symptoms occur 5-10 minutes after eating, the pancreas was abnormally shaped, and the nausea. PCO is related to a disturbed blood sugar, in particular insulin resistance as you mention. What is she eating and how long between meals? Reactive hypoglycaemia can cause the symptoms she has, blood sugar shoots up after eating carbs, but drops precipitously causing nausea, faintness, clammy skin, hot flushes, headaches and more. She mentions having her blood sugar levels tested, but no mention of any results. Unfortunately the GTT does not pick this up or insulin resistance either.

Gabapentin as you say is addictive and some of the side affects are the very ones she complains of, nausea, pain and headaches. Having eliminated all possible causes of the near syncope, the final evaluation would come from a psychiatrist. Temporary loss of consciousness can present with 'psychiatric disorders' ie panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I use inverted commas as I don't believe they are psychiatric disorders, but an imbalance of bio-chemicals. This leads to an imbalance of neurotransmitters, hence the effectiveness of the gabapentin for your niece's near syncope. It's a GABA analogue, GABA is our most calming neurotransmitter. Far safer to use GABA as it's not addictive, but it is a difficult amino to administer, too much and the symptoms come back. The amino acid taurine is far safer, doses up to 5000mg/day can be used safely. It is needed for controlling cholesterol levels, as it is an integral part of bile. Useful for hypoglycaemia, oedema, epilepsy, heart disorders (high concentrations are found in the heart), has a protective and soothing affect on the brain. Essential for assisting magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium to enter cells, may be the reason for muscle cramps, and not a lack of minerals. A lack can cause a drop in potassium levels in the heart. Associated with zinc metabolism. A lack of taurine while a foetus can lead to epilepsy and diabetes in the newborn. It is essential for the development of the beta cells in the pancreas, I believe this could be the cause of the abnormally shaped pancreas and her blood sugar problems. A sharp drop in blood sugar causes anxiety and panic attacks, so does stress. Please see this web page.

Incidentally both anxiety and panic attacks are easy enough to eliminate with progesterone, as it activates the GABA receptor sites. It has no adverse side affects, is not addictive and far safer than gabapentin! Please also have a look at this web page on insulin resistance. And this one on PCO. Take care.

Sep 27, 2009
A little help for some family and friends please 2
by: Wray

Progesterone is important for PCO as it's always low, but it?s essential to sort out the blood sugar problems too. I'm dismayed her doctor is giving her a synthetic progestin. Not only do these have serious side affects, but they stop all ovarian function and by doing so prevent any progesterone being made. You might like to look at research papers on progestins and other contraceptives.

It seems to me your niece's problems stem from an unbalanced blood sugar, probably because of her pancreas, it seems ultra sensitive. I would suggest she follows the foods indicated on the PCO web page, eliminating all starchy carbs. Progesterone is an essential, the taurine would be a good addition. There are other essential supplements listed on the PCO and insulin resistance page too. Please would she have a vitamin D test done, a low level is associated with PCO, blood sugar disturbances and inflammation. It could be a compounding factor in her problems, particularly her arm, and it's certainly worth having a test done, please see this website. As she lives in Oregon in all probability her vitamin D is very low. Oregon stretches between latitudes 42-46 degrees north of the equator. A study done in Honolulu (21 degrees north) found 51% of the participants had a vitamin D deficiency.

It is a pity so many discover progesterone late in life, often after a needless operation. I could have done with it during puberty! It would certainly have prevented the post natal depression I had, and the many years of peri-menopause hell. Excess oestrogen, which causes the fibroids, also causes insulin resistance, which could be the reason for her energy problems. It would account for the aches too. Is she using enough progesterone? I would ask her to try 200mg/day and see if this helps the aches and hot flushes. If not it could be she needs the amino acid tryptophan the precursor to serotonin. Recent research indicates it could be a lack of serotonin which causes hot flushes. Progesterone does raise levels of serotonin, but sometimes not sufficiently. Incidentally tryptophan is often given for pain relief. Start with 250mg about 1/2 hour before bed, away from food and with a small amount of fruit juice/honey, as tryptophan needs an insulin spike to get it into the brain. Best taken with the cofactor vitamins B6 and folic acid to aid it's conversion into serotonin. Increase the dose gradually until the optimum is found. Any herbal remedy containing phyto-oestrogens would have an adverse affect on her, as she already has too much oestrogen.

Sep 27, 2009
A little help for some family and friends please 3
by: Wray

Cont: Wonderful news about your daughter! One thing she could bear in mind, the inflammation is caused by reactive oxygen species, which also cause it to spread. N-acetyl cysteine has been found to prevent the spread and to reduce the ROS. It's such a powerful antioxidant, I feel we should all be taking it. I do daily. Progesterone is also a powerful anti-inflammatory as it raises levels of IL10, an anti-inflammatory cytokine. It also switches the Th1 inflammatory cytokine off, and switches on the Th2 anti-inflammatory cytokine. Finally it suppresses MMP's (matrix metalloproteinases). These are enzymes which break down protein, essential at the end of a woman's monthly cycle, as they break down the lining of the uterus, but in excess do great damage. They are implicated in endometriosis, fibroids and excessive bleeding. I'm amazed at your knowledge and your kindness in helping all these women in your life! I'm shocked they gave your friend oestradiol, endo is caused by an excess of oestrogen! Please see the web page. You could also pass on the info I gave for your daughter. It's standard practice to give only oestrogen after a hysterectomy, but never once do they consider that progesterone levels also drop with removal of the ovaries! I'm relieved you explained about oestrogen dominance, but astounded you know about it! It never happens to men, but puts so many women off. It doesn't surprise me she initially had a bad reaction to the progesterone, she is full of oestrogen, both endogenous and from the drug she's taking. I would strongly advise coming off it. The progesterone will have a battle against it, her symptoms should have gone if she's used it for months. Please make sure she uses at least 200mg/day, if not more to overcome all that oestrogen. Please give her the info I gave you for your wife. If she wants further proof on it's dangers, please see this web page. We have many men using progesterone. As you're aware it is not a female hormone. It plays the same role in both sexes, no discrimination! But men use it primarily for low libido, stress, benign prostatic hyperplasia, depression and inflammation. And judging by the emails I get they find it excellent. As men get older their testosterone diminishes but oestrogen increases. Progesterone suppresses this increase in oestrogen. I would be interested if it helps the hot flushes, but I suspect they are more to do with a drop in blood sugar and less to do with a lack or excess of hormones. Having said that, progesterone does help stabilise blood sugar! It's worth trying, but please check the food you eat, when you eat it, how long an interval between meals, is it high in sugar or starchy carbs etc. Much what I said for your niece. I hope what I've suggested, the info I've given, helps in some small way. Take care.

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