41 yr old with estrogen dominance ad starting progesterone

by Jennifer
(Doylestown pa)


I am a menstruating 41 yr old with estrogen dominance. For several years I have had <.5 progesterone on my 21st day with estradiol between 150-300. My symptoms are weight gain in the upper thighs and buttocks, insomnia, increasing PMS, heavy periods for the first three days, intolerance and irritability, to name a few. After reading What Your Doc Won't Tell You About Premenopause, I ordered arrisse labs Progesta plus and began using it this morning on Day 12 and will go to Day 26. Here are my questions:

I run high cortisol so is it ok to use progesterone cream?

Is 10 mgs twice daily adequate considering I am still fairly regular in my cycle?

I take 8 grains of Armour thyroid due to hormone resistance so is there anything I need to do differently now that I started the progesterone cream? I have read that thyroid hormone resistance can actually stem from low progesterone. Could that explain why I need such high levels to combat hypo symptoms?

I take multiple supplements so are any of these a problem? 20,000 Vit A, 5-6000 Vit D, 800 E, 300 Selenium, 200 K, total mins iron free multimineral, 2000 krill, 400 green tea, 400 curcumin, 500 resveratrol, 4000 C, iron, keto 7 DHEA 100, probitics, Dim Plus 100, Jarrow Mthyl B and Methyl b12, Milk thistle 1500, and recently started 1 g Melatonin at night

Should I expect side effects from starting the progesterone like bloating, spotting, heavier or irregular periods? I like that my periods are still regular for the most part. Once or twice a year I run a week late but that may be stress related.

Any other comments you have for me?


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Oct 16, 2013
41 yr old with estrogen dominance ad starting progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer Your progesterone to oestrogen ratio is very low. It shows you're not ovulating, with a value of <0.5 progesterone on the 21st day. Your ratio is between 1:1.6 and 3.3. But you are still getting the surge of oestrogen we get mid-luteal phase. The symptoms you have don't surprise me . To overcome so many I would suggest you try 200-400mg/day. 20mgs/day will only stimulate oestrogen leading to Oestrogen Dominance. Cortisol is produced in responses to Stress. Progesterone lessens the stress response, which in turn would reduce cortisol. Zinc reduces it too, see here and here. I believe your zinc level is low, because your oestrogen is high, oestrogen suppresses zinc, increases copper. Excess copper leads to depression and Anxiety, anger and Aggression, plus psychosis. A lack of vitamin D impacts on the thyroid, see here, here, here, here, here and here. You are taking a reasonable dose, but the amount of vitamin A you're taking is huge! I suggest you stop it entirely, as vitamin A inhibits the uptake of vitamin D, making you deficient, see here, here and here. Are you really taking 1000mg/day melatonin, as it's far too high, or did you mean 1mg/day? You seem to be in the early stages of Peri-menopause, the page gives more info on progesterone, plus we have a page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Oct 16, 2013
Response to Wray
by: Jennifer


Thank you for the informative reply.

So should I be taking 50 mgs zinc at night? Do I need to worry about lowering copper too much at that dose?

I will cut the dose of Vitamin A, as you suggest. I don't feel comfortable deleting it, but I will reduce it to maybe 5000 instead.

I meant 1 mg melatonin. My apologies for that mistake in my post. Can you recommend anything else for insomnia, or should the progesterone take care of that?

Is there a cream you can recommend that has the higher doses of progesterone in it? I would like one that is liposomal, has no toxins/parabens/petroleums/ptylates/etc., and has the USP bioidentical progesterone. If I have to use 100-200 of the cream I currently use, which I like very much, the Aarisse labs Progesta Plus, I would have to apply it 10-20 x's a day! Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am well aware that I am estrogen dominant, which is what led me to start using the progesterone cream in the first place. I would like to get that down ASAP.

Oct 18, 2013
Response to Wray
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer I don't think you need worry about lowering copper at this point, now you need to concentrate on getting rid of symptoms. The zinc should help this. I can't make you stop the vitamin A, but please read those papers I gave you. It would be better to take it in beta-carotene form which is non toxic. Or eat some liver occasionally. A lack of vitamin D leads to insomnia, see here and here. So the vitamin A might be contributing to it. Glad it's only 1mg melatonin! Please get your vitamin D level up high, that should help you. A test would be good to see what your level is. We do make a cream which is double the strength of the one you're using, it's called Natpro. It contains no nasty ingredients, you can read them all on the link I've given. The one you're currently using contains phenoxyethanol, banned by Ecocert June 2008 for use in natural and organic skin care. Ours is not 'liposomal' per se, but we do know it's absorbed extremely well as levels shoot up after only a month. We run Saliva Tests periodically to check. Let me know how you get on. Take care wray

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