35 weeks pregnant

by Aliki V. Strydom-Hensen
(Mareeba, QLD, Australia)

I've been using Natpro for the last 2 years. Last year in August I fell pregnant, but since I'd moved to Australia. From reading titbits here and there on your website and elsewhere, I've realized that I need progestrone cream during pregnancy, so I got some via mail order.

I'm now 35 weeks and my question is when do I stop using the cream if at all? I've been using less than 2 ml per day, everyday since I was 25 weeks. Also, after the birth, what is the dosage then? Can you please give me a chart of some sort on usage and dosage? Much appreciated.

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Apr 11, 2010
35 weeks pregnant
by: Wray

Hi Aliki. I'm pleased you've found Natpro to be of help. Supplementing with progesterone is not vital during pregnancy if it's going smoothly. But if recurrent miscarriages and pre-term births are being experienced, plus nausea, headaches, high blood pressure, water retention etc, then it is advisable. No harm is done using it if none of these occur, in fact Dr Dalton found all her 'progesterone babies' as she called them, were more intelligent than average. For more information on pregnancy please see here
If you find the 2ml is helping there's no need for more. As for stopping you only have five weeks to go, so if you're happy with the way things are progressing I would continue using it. You would have to reduce the dose very slowly anyway, by which time you would have given birth! Please read Dr Dalton's comments. She goes into what can occur after birth, as up to 25% of us can have post natal blues to psychosis. Progesterone drops sharply after birth, causing this to occur. In every case she gave progesterone to her patients, successfully I might add! She gives a list of symptoms to watch out for. As for dosage it's dependant on symptoms, nothing more. The more severe, the more is needed. I would stick with the 2ml you are using after you've given birth, and take note of the symptoms Dr Dalton describes. If any should occur increase the dose to 200mg/day (6ml cream) or more. Take care, Wray

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