3 Weeks on Prog..Placing order for NatPro but Please ASSIST ME!!!!!

by Andrea

HELLO :) I am a month away from turning 36...I Have always been healthy and fit (with an insatiable sweet tooth, however)..weighing between 105-108 ideally.. After having my 3rd child, 2.5 years ago, i lost the weight fairly quickly with vigorous exercise and watching my diet and was extemely fit at age 34-35 with 3 kids. After i hit 35, i noticed a small change in weight, and i had to work a little harder to be thin, but it was doable... At 35.5+ my tummy got loose a little loose.. And the last 3 months i have felt sluggish, with EXTREME PMS moodiness and depression, lethargy to the point of being flu-like...and i developed headaches... I am weighing 112-113, and carry the few extra in my stomach, which was totally flat before and in thighs/butt. It is very noticable on my small frame. I got my hormones tested via blood test: and my Dr did not do it according to my period.
Prog 0.41
Estrogen 28
testosterone was low but i don't know the #
Thyroid (t3) 3.5
Ferritin(Iron) 10
Cortisol 18.6
Did not test vit D because it is very expensive and Dr said i am low, we live in Utah

I started on Prog trouches 75mg. Natural thyroid 65 mg. Iron supps. Adrenal Gland support supplement. and began taking some vit D drops that i have at home, and also taking a raw vitamin supplement...
Of course because of the low dose of Prog, i felt absolutely aweful for 2 weeks...lethargic, sleepy, headach, tearful, bloated and i looked pregnant!!...I had a few days of energy/mixed with terrible anxiety.. and even thought i had the full blown Flu at one point!!!!
After reading thru your site i increased my 1-75mg tab to 6 tabs (450mg) and it took about 2 days but felt better each day and currently i feel amazing...And this is day 7 on the higher dose... This is my pms time where i usually freak out (i did feel pms symptoms and yesterday, day 29 in my cycle i was a mess, angry and irritale with anxiety) but today i feel great...
I also stoppped my thyroid medicine during the time i was tweaking the Prog dose, to make sure the thyroid med wasn't causing me issues..I ahve resumed taking it but only 1/2 dose this week 32mg becaue it gives me alittle anxiety..but it is lessening each day and i will resume full dose in another few days...
I am runnng out of Prog Trouches and i would like to get NatPro ASAP and try it...based on all this info, please pleas PLEASE Im begging you, give me some advice!!!! I cannot afford (mentally/physically) to start this process all over.. any advice on supplements and prog doses would be greatly greatly appreciated...if i am happy with NatPro i will be a customer for life! i am very loyal when i am pleased. thank you!!!!!

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Sep 28, 2013
3 Weeks on Prog..Placing order for NatPro but Please ASSIST ME!!!!!
by: Wray

Hi Andrea I'm delighted you read the info on the site, and began using the higher amount. Not too many people do that on reading only. I'm so happy of course that you responded to the higher amount. Although you're using 450mg/day progesterone I don't believe you'll need that much via the cream. Although you suck the troches, some does get swallowed, see here. That of course is mostly lost as the gut and liver destroy it, see here. If you're happy with the troches you don't have to switch to our cream to get advice. I'm happy to answer all queries. It's very interesting you are beginning to get adverse symptoms now. From about age 35 we begin getting anovulatory cycles when no progesterone is made. This of course leaves oestrogen dominant that month. It's a pity the test was not done at the right time, it really needs to be during the peak mid-luteal phase when both oestrogen and progesterone rise. Using the figures you've given me is a bit meaningless, but your ratio when it was tested was 15:1 which is very low. You might be interested in looking at the Saliva Tests we run. You'll notice the progesterone has risen sharply, and the ratios are all 600:1 and over. One thing about doing these tests we do know the progesterone in our cream is absorbed very well. I don't want you to start too low on the cream, so would advise using 12ml per day, this will give you 400mg progesterone. If you feel fine on this you could begin reducing very slowly, no more than 1/2 or 1ml per reduction, this is 16-33mg progesterone. Stay on each reduction until stable, then reduce again. It's not an easy road, there will be up days, and down days. But it does get better with time. Continued below

Sep 28, 2013
3 Weeks on Prog..Placing order for NatPro but Please ASSIST ME!!!!! Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Andrea It's very important to get your vitamin D levels up. If you can please have the test done. ZRT Labs do them, so does Birmingham Hospital, they send out test kits for £30 and the results back by email. Ignore their 'adequate' level, far too low, they use the NHS standard of 20ng/ml. Even the FDA have set theirs at 30ng/ml. Both far too low. Blood levels should be 70-100ng/ml or 175-250nmol/L, and not the 30ng/ml or 75nmol/L most labs and doctors regard as adequate. The minimum daily dose should be 5000iu's per day, although the latest research indicates it should be 10,000iu's per day, see here. A lack of vitamin reduces the benefits of progesterone, plus causing countless other problems, the thyroid being one. If you get your level up you might find you don't need the meds, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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