28 and no period after miscarriage

by Jill
(Chicago, IL)

I'm almost 28 and have been off of the pill for almost a year now. When I came off of the pill, I got regular periods for about 3 months then the next two were 45-60 days in length. Then, they stopped all together.

My doctor put me on Provera for 5 days (without telling me anything about pregnancy prevention while on it), but as I waited for my period I realized that I felt like I might be pregnant. Sure enough, 14 days after my first Provera pill, I was pregnant. The doctor only did a urine hcg in the office before prescribing the pill, so I really don't know how far along I was but within 2 weeks I miscarried. By the time I got the transvaginal US, there was nothing to see. Since then I waited 7 weeks for a period which lasted 7 days but now it's been 55 days without a period. I don't want to take the Provera again but I'm concerned about my lack of period. The doctor says that the Provera plays no part in ovulation but I find it hard to believe that that spike in progesterone (even though it was synthetic) had no effect in me becoming pregnant.

I'm anxious to get pregnant but since I don't have regular periods, I have no idea when I ovulate. Also, I work midnights so I'm confused about when to take my temperature to find out. Can you help?

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Sep 30, 2010
28 and no period after miscarriage
by: Wray

Hi Jill It's lucky you did have a miscarriage, as Provera can cause birth defects. Please see here. In fact it 's more than likely the miscarriage was caused by the drug. All contraceptives can cause problems, please see the page on Contraceptives. The safest is the copper T IUD, it leaks no progestin into the body. If you work at night, take your temperature before you get out of bed after sleeping, whenever that is. Our temps our lowest then. The mini-microscpe is another way of checking for ovulation, there is info on this and conception on our page on Pregnancy. If you should consider using progesterone please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. It can be used to get a cycle regular again. And please read the page on Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

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