15 yr old estrogen dominence and scleroderma

by beverley
(edinburgh )

Hi, Looking for advice. My daughter is 15 and has very dibilating estrogen dominance. Cold feet, sleep problems, dry skin and heavy periods, emotional, weight gain and bloating etc.

I want to use the cream on her, questions I have are:

Should I give it every day to start?
What dose?
Any signs to look out for if I give too much?

Also she has linear morphea which is a localised form of scleroderma. She has had this since age 5 but it returned after puberty. Its autoimmune and I believe it is being driven by hormonal changes. My question here is does anyone suffer this and progesterone has helped?

Please someone help me if you have any experience with scleroderma as she is suffering irreversible damage to her body.

Thank you


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Feb 02, 2016
by: Pam

I can tell you that the psoriasis on my feet has gone away thanks to using progesterone cream, and in only a couple of months.

Feb 02, 2016
15 yr old estrogen dominence and scleroderma
by: RJ

Hello Bev!
My prayers for your daughter. How sad that such a young person suffer. As for the dosage of progesterone for a child that would have to be told by Wray or Joy. I would type in dosage levels for a 15 year old in the search bar on the front page of Wray's site. If it was my daughter, I would treat as I treat myself, non-stop till she finds relief. If it means increasing the dosage, I would until relief is found. For the dosage I don't see why 200-300 mg a day wouldn't hurt. The hormones are even more messed up for a teen. I will tell you I don't hesitate to give my 19 year old son 50-100mg a day when he comes to me with foggy brain and lots of anxiety. As you said, it's hormonal at this age too...just in a different form. I sent along some links that I have stored away. My mother has Raynaud's and I searched for her. My son gets about 6,000 units of D3 a everyday. I would give him more if he wasn't out in the sun all day, every day. I would google natural remedies for auto-immune diseases and see what protocols they suggest. That may help you find a solutions. My mom also drinks alot of Knudsen's Tart Cherry helps the Raynaud's and gout. Prayers for you and wishing you the best of luck for her!! God Bless! RJ

Feb 02, 2016
15 yr old estrogen dominence and scleroderma
by: RJ

One more link...

Mar 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

Have you had her thyroid levels checked? Not just her TSH

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