Progesterone to stop Unwanted period

by Liz
(California )

Due to having PMS and at times heavy periods lasting 7-9 days, moderate to severe fatigue week before period, mild fatigue the rest of the time, tender breasts, mild paranoia, and forgetfulness among other problematic symptoms, I would like to stop having a period all together. However, I know that I still need one but can I use progesterone to alleviate all of my symptoms in addition to manipulating it to not have a period on occasion?

I'm 42 years old with two children and no desire for anymore. In fact, I had a tubal libation 11 years ago after my 2nd child. I take vitamins, including vitamin D3, probiotics and I eat healthy and limit carbs and sugar.

Please advise and thank you.

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Jun 18, 2011
Progesterone to Feel Better
by: CamperKat

At first I thought this was the post from the young woman who was going on vacation and wanted to use progesterone cream so she wouldn't menstruate...that query irritated me, as most of the women who participate on this board are suffering greatly from hormonal issues and that query struck me as frivolous on many levels.

But regarding your issues I would offer this: proper dosage and use of progesterone cream will alleviate your PMS, heavy bleeding, etc. and give you great emotional and physical relief, but it will not prevent your menstrual cycle from taking place. I do understand that you have suffered greatly over the years with your menstrual problems, and that you have likely gotten little relief. It sure sounds like you have been estrogen dominant for a very long time, and nobody and nothing has helped you. I have also suffered for many years, and I truly "feel with you."

Wray Whyte and other mindful advocators/manufacturers of bio-identical progesterone cream repeatedly stress to women that we avoid man-made drugs, fake hormones and chemicals because they cause our body and its cycles great disruption and harm, especially in the long-run.

Drug companies have made a great deal of money by promoting birth control medications that completely stop menstrual bleeding altogether. They advertise "doctors agree it's not harmful to not have a menstrual period." Tell me what the health logic is in that? It's only logical if you're a drug manufacturer wanting to make money from young women who "don't want messy inconvenience" of menstrual bleeding. I can pretty much guarantee that we are creating a new generation of young women who will grow up to have uber-estrogen-dominance health issues and more--far worse than what we have experienced.


Jun 18, 2011
Part Two
by: CamperKat

Despite all that the drug manufacturers say and what food manufacturers promote as "healthful", we have to remember that as human beings we are animals and therefore subject to the laws of nature in all its forms. If we work to remember this and honor our bodies as we do the warming sun and the glowing moon, then we will be able to understand how to follow our cycles better. I don't mean to get all corny, but we as people have gotten so far past our physiology as sunrise-to-sunset hunter-cultivator-gatherers, that we now have the hubris to believe we are masters of our bodies and think of bodies as buildable and programmable as a PC or washing machine or hair dryer--and we expect our bodies to perform at our command, especially if we give it drugs or "foods" that are advertised to provide certain results. But that's not the way it works. Anybody who has suffered from a long-term, chronic medical condition, whether it's "minor" (in the eyes of the medical community) like crippling PMS or Fibromyalgia or arthritis or insomnia has experienced first-hand that all the treatments offered by the medical community DO NOT WORK for any length of time. The reason alternative healthcare is popular is because?standardized medicine is a ridiculous concept and does not work. So those of us who suffer and are in pain look to alternatives, and finally we wind up slowly wandering back to the basics of our nature as animals?we start to eat more simply, we avoid processed foods, we avoid chemicals in our homes?we come to re-understand that we are at the mercy of nature, and that if we follow what nature commands--that nature will in turn be merciful to us. This is what balance is about.

With that second part said, I suspect that once you are in balance after using progesterone cream that you won't mind your menstrual bleeding quite so much. You have found a great place to share your troubles, and Wray will tell you, I'm sure, what you should be doing in order to feel better.

Much luck to you.

Jun 19, 2011
Finding Balance...
by: Eve

Amen! Yes, I agree that largely the problems we are seeing with hormonal and health imbalances are a direct result of lifestyles that are very far from what nature intended. I also understand the question of "can I stop my monthly period, because it is holy hell!" I have been there with such severe estrogen dominance that I thought for certain I was going off the deep end...ugh!!

I will tell you that you can squash out those symptoms with natural progeserone. I was on high doses (taking progesterone all month long) for quite awhile in order to get control of the horrible symptoms of estrogen dominance. My period was very scant during that time because of the high levels of progesterone I was using. At the time that was the least of my concern and my focus was on finding a healthy balance of some sort.

If I hear/read correctly your concern is how the symptoms alter your quality of life. It may take some toying around with the dose, but I believe you can find relief from natural progesterone. It isn't a "one pill" fixes all solution that our society has become accustomed to. It will take large participation on the individuals part. I also recommnd researching and adding to your life cell salts (aka tissue minerals, Schuessler Salts). I beleive as an entire world we are extremely difcient in our most basic cellular nutrients and until we resolve this, we will continue to be sick. The cell/tissue salts are the elements which we are made of and the theory is the only way to have sickness or dis-ease is to have a cellular imbalance.

Wishing you health and happiness....only

Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the responses. And no I am not trying to stop my period for vanity reasons. I hate the negative symptoms that I experience as a result of having my period. Its a natural thought that if I no longer bleed, than surely I'll feel better. What I failed to mention previously is that I've had doctors prescribe birth control pills and even Metformin (he said I was insulin resistant) and none worked. In fact, I got worse on the pill.

I just want to get better and through forums like this one, I'm getting the right information.

As for progesterone dosing, I am still unsure if I should use it for the whole month or just the 14 days before next bleed. But my 14 days start today so I'm going to try 200mg. If anyone has any suggestions please share.

Thank you!

Thanks again

Jun 22, 2011
Every Day until it normalises!
by: Joy Lewis

Hi Liz - I work very closing with Wray Whyte and this is what I would suggest. I do understand what you meant by 'unwanted period' and realise that you do not want to stop your periods for vanity sake, you just want some sort of normality.

In a case like yours I would suggest that you use progesterone every day. You can expect more bleeding at first, but this will ease off once your body returns to some sort of normality. For heaving troublesome bleeding it is recommended that you use nothing less than 200mg a day. Once your body returns to normal you can then follow your cycle again.

So if it were me, I would start using progesterone today!! Good luck.

Jun 22, 2011
Went through similar issues
by: CamperKat

When I read about Metformin, I had to write Oct 2010 my MD also said I was insulin resistant, said I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol...he had me on birth control pills and a testosterone blocker (Spironolactone). This was the turning point for me...I was 188 lbs, 50 years old, had been on his meds for 5 years, could not lose weight, ate wrong but tried all conventional wisdoms for weight loss, could not sleep, etc.

My liver enzymes were 3x elevated--yet he wanted to put me not only on Metformin but also Crestor. Plus I was still on the BC pills and Spiro. Did research--guess what causes liver problems? BC pills and Spiro--and CRESTOR!!

Long story short, I did not take the Metformin or Crestor, I quit what was essentially HRT (the BC pills and Spiro). I did research about food and supplements and eating right...longer story somewhat shorter: I have lost over 30 lbs without dieting (just by changing my food). As of this morning I weigh 150 at 5'5, which is not so bad for a now-51 year old lady. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 8-10. My blood pressure is 110/70, my overall cholesterol is 160, with my good higher than my bad. My liver enzymes are normal. Oh--and my blood glucose? That was the very first thing that went into normal range (I was 106) it went to 80 in just two weeks.

The only problem I had with quitting "HRT" cold turkey was that it immediately sent me into menopausal hot flashes (which were minor) but also severe level 9-10 arthritis pain in my shoulders. Arthritis is one of the most common complaints of menopausal women (estrogen drops) but all the MDs do is tell us we should take anti-depressants or Celebrex. Well, I'm using progesterone cream and some herbal supplements (like they use in OTC products) and my pain is way down. Still there, but hormones take a great while to normalize.

Anyway...nobody needs Metformin. All you need to do is eat real food (if you have questions, you can ask:)

Jun 22, 2011
Progesterone Relief!
by: Eve

If you don't experience the symptoms all month long and you have a cycle you can follow, I would personally try to follow it. However, if you fall into the category I was in, taking it all month might be a better option. My cycle was all over the place without any consistency (32, 60, 50, 40 days) So you can see how hard it would be to estimate when to start and stop therapy. If however you have a cycle that you can find the pattern, then you may not need to have supplementation all month long.

Jun 22, 2011
Forgot to add this
by: Eve

Yes, of course you felt worse on the BCP as it was supplying you with estrogen and stopping your normal progesterone production. The pill was just contributing further to the estrogen dominance rather than helping. It's really a viscous cycle as our "uneducated" yet considered "educated" medical industry continues to practice using these harmful carcinogenic substances. Substances that contribute to the problem and in no way fix anything. They actually lead to a whole other set of health problems...I know after taking BCP for 20 years.
One has to look at the equation. Our medical industry is educated through the big Pharma and big Pharma is all about making money and certainly not about healing anyone. There ins't any money to be made in healthy people. I do believe there are some docs out there that truely are "educated". They just are few and far between. Sorry to rant, but it is very unsettling to me. So welcome to this website and the opportunity to actually find health and balance.... ~ Peace Eve

Jun 24, 2011
Progesterone to stop Unwanted period
by: Wray

Hi Liz I understand you wanting to stop your period, it's seems as if all our severe symptoms are linked to it's appearance. But in actual fact it's not the bleeding per se which is the trouble, but what occurs the few days prior to it starting. Progesterone peaks mid-luteal phase, then it starts dropping if no fertilisation has occurred. The drop is slow at first, then it drops precipitously. Oestrogen also peaks mid-luteal phase, it too starts dropping. But if the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone is too high, all hell can break loose. From about age 35 we begin to have anovulatory cycles, ie we make no progesterone. So slowly over the years progesterone levels drop. Anovulation speeds up when in Peri-menopause, until we reach Menopause when the ovaries stop producing viable eggs. I do believe progesterone will help you, it's helped many thousands of women. Both CamperKat and Eve always give such sound advice, they've been through hell and back. As you can see from their comments, using progesterone is not an easy road. For some it is, but more often than not it really does require experimenting with the amount. As Eve says it's not a one size fits all, she had to use exceptionally high amounts to get relief, see here. I find it essential to use 100-200mg/day, if not more if symptoms are severe. But please be aware of Oestrogen Dominance, it often occurs and is disconcerting if it does. You'll have to see how you feel if you do take a break. If symptoms come back, I suggest using it throughout the month, ignoring your period. It's easy enough to get the cycle going again when you feel stable, there's more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. It's interesting you felt worse on the Contraceptive pill, Dr Dalton found women deficient in progesterone did. And strongly advised them not to take it, it drops progesterone levels. And to give you Metformin, a diabetic drug for Insulin Resistance is daft. IR is not about high glucose, although this can be present, but about resistance to insulin's effect by the cell. There are many nutrients which can help. Take care Wray

Jun 28, 2011
Progesterone to stop Unwanted period
by: Wray

Once again, many thanks to Joy, Eve and Camperkat! Take care Wray

Aug 06, 2015
by: OhioMom

I hope I spelled that right.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this forum today. Is CamperKat still around? I would love to hear more about her experience, and how she changed her lifestyle for the better, as I am facing similar issues.

Nov 14, 2016
Since Ovary Taken Out Burning Eye Pain 72hours
by: PainIsKillingMeHeadEyeAnonymous

Just before, during and after period, I am bedridden and have burning throbbing skull, jaw, and eye pain like a truck ran over my head and face and won't get off my burning head for 3 days straight. Drs have tried everything to no avail. I am 38 years old and weigh 118 pounds in great shape, take vitamin supplementation, eat low-fat foods, exercise, etc. Please help as I only think suicide can help at this point...

Sep 14, 2017
Has oral progesterone stopped my period for good?
by: thesaint

I am 48 and was recommended to take 100-200mg of Prometrium for 2 weeks cycle because of my frequent periods. I was having 2-3 periods per month but they were not heavy. No other perimenopause symptoms.

The meds were making me sick so I reduced the amount for about 4 months. Never had a period. I decided to stop taking the drug to see if I got my period back. Nothing. Some menstrual cramping occasionally but no period. It has now been 7 months still no period.

What does this mean? help anyone?

Sep 15, 2017
Since Ovary Taken Out Burning Eye Pain 72hours
by: Joy

Apologies for only responding now, I have only just seen your post today.

How are you feeling now, were you able to resolve this? It does sound to me as though you could be, or were suffering from Migraines.

Did you have both ovaries removed or only one?

Please let me know if you still need some help.

Take care.

Sep 15, 2017
To Ohio Mom
by: CamperKat

Hi there...I just saw your query from 2015. Yes, I'm still around. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help.

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