Progestererone Helped Me In Many Ways

by Kriss
(Toronto, ON)

I've always had irregular menstrual cycle ranging from 20-30days and sometimes skips or bled in between periods. 2years ago, I complained of severe abdominal pains and blood in my urine. I went through a series of tests then my gynecologist found out 2 cervical polyps and since then I have to be monitored every 3 months.

There was nothing they could do but advised me to take Advil for pain and contraceptive pills - hopefully to regulate my menses and control the bleeding in between. But I tend to forget taking it on time so I went back to my doctor and he prescribed Medroxyprogesterone Ac 150mg 4 times a year. Since then, excessive menstrual bleeding and other symptoms have ceased. I'm on it for a year now, and it's side effects are just starting to manifest such as change in appetite (I gained 12lbs) and sleep disturbances due to unexplained chest pains.

I'm only 31 years old so I wonder if this might be solely due to progesterone therapy or something else that I have to worry about. I'm not sure if my family has a cardiovascular risk or is it because I'm stressed with work lately...

I am to go back to get another shot tomorrow and routine check up on November 22, 2011.

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Nov 01, 2011
A Few Corrections
by: Kriss

First I apologize for misspelling the title, it should be Progesterone. And after more readings on labels and online about the drug, it was progestogen after all.

Still, it works for me. Yesterday it was administered via intramuscular injection in a walk-in clinic. I'm in Toronto and I'm very happy with our health care system, but it made me upset that some doctors lack compassion or do not atleast pretend that they care. He ordered me around, "get me this, no that," and I didn't mind getting him the basket full of sterile syringe. I started to ask questions and he held out a palm to shut me up, so after the shot, I asked about my 10-pound weight gain in correlation to very minor chest pain that cause me discomfort at night. I was expecting that he'd ask some questions but he only smirked said, "go back to the doctor who gave you the prescription. Goddluck with that!" I'm not going back to that clinic again...

Nov 03, 2011
Progestererone Helped Me In Many Ways
by: Wray

Hi Kriss Unfortunately you weren't given progesterone, but a progestin, which does have adverse side effects. You'll find a full explanation of these on our page Contraceptives. All drug based contraceptives have the potential to cause harm. MPA has androgenic properties too, see here. This would explain your weight gain, as testosterone increases visceral fat, see here and here. Another unfortunate problem with contraceptives, particularly progestins, they stop ovarian function. This means ovulation does not take place, only when this occurs will progesterone be produced. So progesterone levels drop. If you'd prefer something natural I would suggest you try progesterone, it can help regulate the cycle. It also has no adverse side effects. I recommend 100-200mg/day or more if symptoms are severe. We do have further info on our page How to use progesterone cream. But before you do, please read our page on Oestrogen Dominance first as this can occur. Especially if too little is used. Take care Wray

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