Hormone levels what does it mean

by Jami Moore
(Eustis, Florida)

I have Hypothyroid and am on Armour Thyroid and labs were just done and my TSH, 3rd generation is 0.10 L,mIU/L T4, Free 0.9 ng/dl & T3,Free is 5.0 H pg/ml My Tetosterone, Total is 27ng/dl DHEa Sulfate 233 mcg/dl and my FSH 5.9 mIU/mL I asked for them to test to see if I have Hashmatos and not just Hypothyroid and the Thyroid Peroxidase antiobdies is the test they did for that and it came back 203 H IU/mL my progesterone is also <0.5 ng/Ml Estradiol 55 pg/mL and my cortisol, A.M. 12.5 mcg/dL and these test were all taken at 7.28 am and I had taken my thyroid med at 6:20 am.

I had my tubes tied 4 months ago along with ablation done to my cervix so that I would stop having a menstrual period or at least lessen the amount after my 3rd baby in 2009 I have had very heavy periods that last for 10 days. So far I have had lighter periods and they come every other month so far. I feel good and have more energy and have lost weight for the first time in years. But the one Dr wants to put me on progeserone replacement but my Ob said he is not worried about it if I was having a baby that would be another thing. SO who is right and should I be worried about the progesterone levels? SInce July 18 the I have been taking Healthe Trim to help with loosing weight and its all natural. Any suggestions on my levels stated above?

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Oct 28, 2011
Hormone levels what does it mean
by: Wray

Hi Jami Your progesterone level is extremely low, but if the test was done during the follicular phase, the result is meaningless. It should be low then, it only peaks mid-luteal phase when the test should have been done. The ablation was unnecessary, as progesterone stops heavy bleeding, although amounts of 400mg/day and over are needed. I don't know why your doctor wishes you to use progesterone, possibly for the thyroid, as it does speed metabolism slightly. Plus suppressing excess oestrogen which slows the thyroid down. Progesterone is not just a pregnancy hormone, as many Ob's believe, it plays a multitude of different roles in the body, which your doctor obviously knows about. If you can let me know when your test was done, I can help further, but as it is, I can't. You might like to read about How to use progesterone. Please have a vitamin D test done, as a lack of this vital nutrient affects the thyroid, see here, here and here. Take care Wray

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