Zinc side effects?

by Ashley

Hi I have estrogen D in the process of getting better im using cream at high dose my vit d levels are great. I’ve been reading this site about ED and how it raises copper levels I’ve had both tested like 2 yrs ago and my zinc was on lower end of normal and Dr. wanted me to take supplement but I didn’t stick to it and stopped it. I have read how beneficial zinc is for ED so I got a supplement 23mg lozenges as well as vit c and I’ve heard about how sometimes when you take zinc especially with estrogen dominance you can have detox like symptoms and I guess it could be in my head but I’ve been taking them for about 6 days now and I having been weirdly feeling worse like flu like symptoms extremely tired even a little nauseas just really bad so the past 3-4 days I’ve been taking 3 a day and am just curious if you think I could be detoxing and if you do, do you know how long this should last and what dose I should take?

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Jan 14, 2023
Zinc symptoms
by: Anonymous

I had similar symptoms taking zinc at regular doses and mine were tablets. I had to work up to the dose so I cut the tablet in quarters and took each 1/4 dose, 4 times a day and worked up from there.

Jan 15, 2023
Zinc side effects?
by: Joy

Hi Ashley

Correct, excess copper causes estrogen to rise, suppresses both zinc and progesterone. Not only that but it causes aggression, anxiety, depression and psychosis.  Such a pity that you didn't continue taking zinc.  It should be taken every day.  If copper levels are high 100mg zinc is needed for a month, then drop down to the maintenance amount of 15mg per day. This will counteract copper. See here. Those suffering from PND need 50mg zinc per day.  So the dose varies.

I can't see why 23mg zinc would cause an issue however,  What else is mixed with the lozenges that could be causing an issue?  I never take zinc on an empty stomach, this can cause nausea, it certainly does with me, especially when I first stated taking it.  Are you taking anything else that may have caused symptoms? If you continue to feel this way, change brands and see how you get on.

When you say that you are taking a high dose of progesterone, what is that exactly? Please make sure that the progesterone cream that you are using equates to that of Natpro which is a 3% organic cream, between 100-200mg is needed, more if symptoms are severe.  You don't state what your symptoms are so I can't help you there.  Amount to use is dependent on symptoms.  Does your vitamin D3 level fall within the required range - 70-100ng/ml?  Mine is currently around 125ng/ml and I like to maintain it there as that is where I feel at my best. 
Hope this helps.

Jan 18, 2023
Zinc side effects?
by: Ashley

Hi Joy, yes I know I wish I had known back then how important it was it was only from this site that I learned. But the zinc has 100mg vit c and 20mg echinacea which I didn’t realize until I already ordered it so I did get a new brand of zinc lozenges 23mg and 100mg vit c by Source Naturals but I haven’t started it yet because I stopped taking zinc just for now… my ED is severe and if you knew how much progesterone I’m taking a day you might fall out of your seat lol but it is well over 2,000 mg which I know it’s a lot but I am positive I need it and increasing to this dose is finally starting to fix the issue which I basically have almost all symptoms of ED plus no period for awhile now which I think is why my problem got so bad. My situation is probably the most complex you’ve ever seen lol but I won’t bore you. I know I need zinc but on top of the ED I just can’t deal with the side effects I was 2 months in on 2000+ a day and just starting to feel some improvement and the zinc made me feel like absolute crap again and I’m afraid the stress of detoxing might lower my progesterone I don’t know. But I am seeing progress without zinc so I think I might just give it a little more time till my progesterone levels are higher and I am overall stronger and then maybe the detox won’t be so bad and my body will be able to tolerate better but I am 1000% going to take zinc. Oh and yes I am taking 10,000iu of d daily:)

Dec 12, 2023
by: Anonymous

How are you doing Ashley? Did zinc continue to give problems? Were you able to tolerate it?

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