by Yvonne
(Evesham Worcestershire U.K.)

Had a hysterectomy 5 years ago for fibroids left one ovary in .. used progesterone cream .. 2 years ago felt strange and panicky added red clover via tablet to the progesterone and started to feel well again .. had a health scare in February this year .. and was told the red clover may be causing a problem with acid reflux .. so came off it .. since then have been anxious panicky sleepless hot bothered pounding heart ... went to a private doctor who took bloods and the results were oestrogen < 44 .. low in progesterone and testosterone .. however my regular doctor says that this is within the normal range of a menopausal woman .. however the private doctor said there are different levels and I am low in all .. was put on biest 1mg mixed with 50 mg progesterone and 0.25 testosterone twice daily .. 4 weeks later still no sleep .. pounding heart gone .. ringing investors and testosterone soon around head .. she changed prescription to 0.25mg estradiol cream and a progesterone cream 50mg from a compounding pharmaceutical company . twice a day .but no testosterone .. is this ok. Whilst waiting for new cream took myself off the cream .. Felt less foggy headed and ringing in the head was less ..

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