by Yvonne
(Berwyn, pa)

To start from the beginning, I began menstruation at age 12 with EXTREMELY HEAVY BLEEDING AND HUGE CLOTS. My mom took me to gyno Doctor to get checked out, everything was fine, I guess. Doctor said the only option would be to start birth control pills but I was too young. However, I started on birth control pill at age 17 since I was just starting to be sexually active. Stayed on the BC pills until age 30!. All the time I was taking the BC pills I had headaches every day!! At age 35 was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My thyroid actually stopped working. I was prescribed synthroid, started with a small dose and gradually increased to .125 mcg, my current dose. during the first year of thyroid meds at my current dose my periods were totally messed up, which is the ONLY bodily function that was NOT affected by my hypothyroidism. I had every symptom from head to toe but my cycle remained the same. Now with the medication my cycles were messed up! I visit my gyno and she prescribes BC pills again! All along at this time I'm still feeling like crap, headaches, bloated, etc. I know the thyroid meds are working somewhat but not like they should because I had all the same symptoms but to a lesser degree. From age 35 to 44 my gyno puts me on BC pills, takes me off, puts me on HRTs, puts me back on BC pills!! NOTHING IS GETTING BETTER. Anxiety is through the roof, can't lose weight, fatigued after 10 hours of sleep, constipated, no motivation, etc. I get off everything at age 44. That's when the allergies, itchiness, hives started. That was 2010. After suffering for 5 years, in 2015 I had had enough, doctors were telling me my thyroid levels were perfect and I still felt like crap! So I finally took matters in my own hands and went on the Internet and came across dr. Lees website! When I read the symptoms of estrogen dominance and how BC pills are the culprit, I thought this man is writing about me!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was soooo angry my doctors never started me on a progesterone cream along with the thyroid med! Started the progesterone cream January of 2015 and it immediately helped me! Couldn't believe it. It was like a miracle! However, I did a VERY STUPID thing and started using estrogen cream last November. At first it was great! Then I noticed after a couple of weeks my allergies came back, itchiness, all the symptoms of ED again. I continued using the estrogen cream until February of this year, but not as much. And yes, I was still using progesterone cream but at the dose recommended by dr. Lee but my symptoms weren't getting better. Not until I found your site a couple of weeks ago did I realize that you can use a higher dose of progesterone cream! Since then my symptoms have begun to diminish. I've recently learned that I CANNOT use the progesterone cream with phytoestrogens because I used that cream this past week for 4 days straight and my anxiety returned, plus this was my ovulation week so the anxiety was PURE HELL!!
Thanks to this site I've significantly increased my progesterone dose, (w/out phytoestrogens) and just recebtly in the last few days I'm starting to feel better.
Thank God for this website!

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