Your Product Changed My Life


Hi Wray! I've been meaning to send an e-mail. Natpro has changed my life.

I am only 25 and have suffered from hormonal imbalance since I was 16. I had heavy, painful and LONG periods (7-8 days) which caused me to be anemic. No amount of iron supplements brought my iron levels up. I was tired all the time, freezing cold, and I missed a lot of school and work over the years because of the pain and discomfort. Some days I wouldn't leave the bathroom OR my bed and I would have to take Pamprin every three hours to avoid going to the ER. It was awful.

I also had extreme PMS to the point where I would be suicidal right before and during my period. I would forget my period was coming and wonder why I was irritable and then be like OOOH right.

My mom had endometriosis at my age, had trouble conceiving, and then had a total hysterectomy after she had me. It's funny how I'm only now making the connection.

I tried birth control pills but it was only a Band-aid solution. To top it off I have had vulvodynia for 5 years since going on and off birth control. (not the entire reason but part of the reason why I developed the pain)

I was reluctant to try Natpro but I am SO glad I did. It's only been three months and I feel fantastic. I'm not having any PMS, my periods are light, no cramps at all, and my energy has improved. My boyfriend noticed that I'm not as angry as I used to be. My overall mood is much more stable. I dont dread my period like I used to.

Natpro is the real deal and it's SO simple to use! It is totally worth every penny.

Thanks so much for giving me my life back!

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Dec 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello, can I ask you how much cream you have been using? Thank you for your post!

Dec 07, 2012
My dose
by: Anonymous

I used 1.5 tsp for two months straight. I used 2 tsp/day for the last couple weeks because I was spotting for a few days before my period. The spotting did not happen this month. I didn't want to up my dose because the cream is expensive but it was worth it. You only see the benefits if you use enough.

Dec 07, 2012
Your Product Changed My Life
by: Wray

Hi there Thanks so much for telling me this, it's such wonderful news! I can understand your reluctance, as the web is littered with people who try progesterone and then because of the low amount they're told to use, suffer Oestrogen Dominance. Plus they don't persevere with it, as you did. I have found it takes about three months to have a good effect. Such a pity your mother was not told about it, but then it's never given for Endometriosis. And yet I've found amounts of 500mg/day or more are effective at stopping the pain, and reversing it. Although large amounts of antioxidants are needed too. It's caused by oxidative stress, so the hyst your mother had was also a bandaid. It hasn't removed the oxidative stress at all. I would ask both of you to have a vitamin D test done, as this is vital for the normal functioning of all cells. You live in Canada where levels are generally very low, see here, here, here, here and here. A lack of vitamin D also reduces the benefits of progesterone. VVS (Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome) is usually found in premenopausal women or women on oestrogen replacement therapy. It's associated with a number of symptoms, one is peripheral neuropathy. Progesterone is known to regenerate nerves, see here. Another is Candida, progesterone reverses the inflammatory oestrogen response, see here. Continued below

Dec 07, 2012
Your Product Changed My Life part 2
by: Wray

Hi there Mast cells are also implicated, progesterone has an inhibitory affect, see here. Whereas oestrogen stimulates mast cell secretions. Significantly higher levels of TNF-alpha are found in women with VVS, progesterone inhibits TNF-alpha, see here and here. In the USA 61% of chronic pain patients are women, starting at menarche and decreasing at menopause. In some cases symptoms of VVS increase at mid-cycle and at menses, when the oestrogen to progesterone ratio is high. Take care Wray

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