years and years of continuous bleeding

by Lori Bryant

Hi all I am 48yo I have PCOS Fibroids obese insomnia severe anemia huge clots bleed steady for months at a time high stress.
I have been on pill form natural compound progestrone for 20 plus years yes I know its no good for me so now I am using emerita pro gest cream again I understand it not the right one have to use so much but its what I found and have on hand. That being said I am planning on using natpro cream .
I was suppose to have hysterectomy 5 years ago but doctor cancelled it told me to suck it up its just a women thing.
I can't leave my house during period sit in bathroom most of day cause clots are so bad or the period never stops my poor husband we havent had any intercourse in about a year cause when bleeding stops after months the last thing i want is more activity down there sorry if blunt.
I feel like I an losing my mind and no doctor gets it even friends so alone and frustrated
I know a ton of people have asked on here but I cant seem to find the direct answer how much cream do you use for 200mg I cant figure out your chart so please don't say read the chart I am not a very smart person have a really hard time figuring things out like this. If you could just tell me like close to a tsp or 2 tsp that would help
thanks for listening
oh I am also taking vit D 6000ui cal mag zinc iron b-complex b-6

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Jul 23, 2015
Years and years of continuous bleeding
by: Joy

Hi Lori

I do believe that I have dealt with this via Facebook and emails.

Hope all is going well.

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