Wrong usage of progesterone cream

by mina
(san diego, ca, usa)

I am 33 years old and I have always had terrible PMS my whole life but after stopping the birth control pill about a year ago, the pms symptoms got worse and my period could not adjust itself until finally i used the progesterone cream last month. My friend recommended it to me and she told me to start right away until i get my period so i did that and i got my period at the start of the month which makes me think it has regulated my period but i think i used it wrongly even though it worked. So, I had my period on the 1st of May and my period stopped on the 6th. During this time I wasn't using the cream but I started using it again right after my period stopped so on the 7th, thinking that I need to use it for 12 days. So I have been using the cream the day after my period for 12 days until today, the 17th. Then i read about it on the internet and it says to use it 10 days after the period, during ovulation. So i am a bit worried now, what shall i do? shall i stop using it or continue all the way until i get my next period next month? will it mess up with my hormones and period date?

Thank you

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May 20, 2013
when to start progesterone
by: Anonymous

Hi, Im 48 yrs old for the past 2 years i had irregular periods, absolutely unpredictable. Can come after 1 week , 3 weeks or none for 2 months, but usually quite heavy. Last period came after 2 weeks of normal period and lasted for the next 4 weeks with very heavy flow. It actually stopped 2 days ago and slight spotting is all i have right now.
I have most of the symptoms of the perimenopause that you stated for the last 2 yrs. Would really appreciate if you can help me in figuring out When exactly to start using the cream. In your instructions you say :
"Peri or post Menopausal, ...
if there is no cycle, or an erratic one too difficult to follow, apply the cream twice daily. There is no need for a break as some suggest, although some women prefer to have one. Either is fine."
"heavy, continual bleeding 400-600mg/day from 1 to 3 months, ignoring the cycle. When the bleeding has stopped, slowly reduce the cream until bleeding occurs again, then discontinue the cream for 14 days. Then start again from day 15 for 14 days."

Could you, please advise what should be my next step. When to start, for how long, do i need to take a break at any time etc.
Thank you, i wish i saw your website a few years ago.

May 22, 2013
Wrong usage of progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi Mina It doesn't matter at all using it as you have done. In fact if symptoms are severe I suggest using it daily through any bleeding for at least 2-3 months until things have stabilised. And only then attempting to follow the cycle. Progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it, making it earlier or later than normal. We do have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Ovulation occurs 12-14 days before bleeding in all women, so using it on day 10 would mean a woman has a 22 to 24 day cycle. Take care Wray

May 24, 2013
when to start progesterone
by: Wray

Hi there I'm happy you found the website helpful, I remember in my early days of using progesterone it was such a hit and miss affair. I also had those unpredictable cycles too, and, as one woman put it recently, 'flash floods'. Which I thought such an apt description. Peri-menopause is an impossible time, because of this you can't follow a cycle as there isn't one. So please use it daily, through any bleeding if and when it should occur. Even when I had regular cycles I still used it daily, as taking the break caused all my symptoms to come back. There's more info on the peri-menopause page I've given you. The first few days/weeks can be a bit rough until you find the right amount to use, so please read our page on Oestrogen Dominance too. Take care Wray

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