Wray's Thoughts On "Skin Saturation"

by Lorraine
(New Mexico)

Hi, Wray!

Many articles on the Internet warn that if women do not rotate the application of progesterone cream on different parts of their body, at some point, the skin will be "saturated" and no longer able to absorb anymore progesterone.

I take very large amounts of progesterone a day because of my horrible perimenopausal symptoms. (400-500 mg. per day). For someone like me, who has to take such a large amount of cream, rotation just isn't possible. A person only has so much skin. I have to apply the cream all over my body all throughout the day every single day. Period. (I usually apply 50 mg. hourly).

I am afraid that at some point, the NATPRO product will no longer be effective because of this "saturation" issue that other doctors and bloggers keep bringing up.

Your thoughts?


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Aug 25, 2015
Wray's Thoughts On "Skin Saturation"
by: Wray

Hi Lorraine There isn't much evidence about this so called saturation, by that I mean not many studies. I was able to find only one in fact, and that suggests the skin does not become saturated. The paper can be found on our Progesterone Misconceptions page. Besides, the mere thought of the skin absorbing a substance until 'full' is nonsensical. Why on earth would that happen? Why would it not circulate around the body, capillaries abound. But the way I've used up to 2000mg/day, rubbing it all over three times a day. I felt no ill effects, and it was certainly effective. I'm not sure if you eat a low carb diet, but that certainly helps with horrible symptoms. Take care Wray

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