Wray saved me, without even knowing it

by Jill

I think my problems began with the pill in about 1969. In 2001 my menopause started with heavy hot flashes, and a few months later I lay screaming and shaking on the floor in a panic attack. It didn’t really leave me, and I ended up with the diagnose agoraphobia and generalized angst.

I knew it was about menopause – because it was me and my body it was happening to - but no doctors would agree. So after a year on tranquilizers I ended up with a SSRI product and synthetic estrogen. It left me as a zombie for 10 years. It was difficult just to leave my flat, so everything went to pieces in my life, but because of the medicine I didn’t care, as long as I got a Little Peace.

Then 4 years ago I crashed Again. After a hazy couple of days I realized, that something had changed, I felt very different. First I realized that, after 40 years of heavy smoking, I had stopped, the need was gone, and there were strange feelings and sensations, but it felt like the angst had lifted. So I decided to stop taking the prescribed medicine. And then I went straight to hell. Worse than ever.

But now I had heard about estrogen dominance and progesterone, and it made so much sense. I started the search for knowledge and the product of course. Finally, about 2 years ago I found this page with all the knowledge and help that I’m able to understand, and a cream that works.

Only thing is, the cream is difficult to get hold on here In Denmark, and I am so scared it will become impossible. I feel so much better, better than I have for 15 years, I'm finally on my way back to normal.

I have a life to build though, but I’ve got hope. And it is all because of Wray. I have her to thank for feeling so well and full of hope. I dare not to think where I would have been if I hadn’t found her and this page. I’m so sorry she is gone, and so sorry I didn’t thank her when I could.

She was a very rare human being, and will be missed.

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